Water use in Gout Control

Water use in Gout Control;Water use in Gout

The number one Gout Cure or Gout maintenance remedy is nothing more than Water.
Water used as a Gout maintenance is common knowledge for those who have sought to understand how Gout works and how Gout affectsthem.

As we all know, Gout is the excess buildup of Uric acid in the body, via the bloodstream.
The Uric acid then heads for the joints and extremities all over the body causing gouty attacks.

Often due to over indulgence of alcohol and food which the Kidneys cannot flush the excess uric acid out of the body via the kidneys or due to a poor metabolism which is generally hereditary, a sufferer may not simply drink enough water.

Dehydration is one of the most common reasons a Gout attack occurs.

Water is a lubricant for the joints, a rehydrater of the body and kidneys, it is a way for nutrients to travel throughout the body, it moves oxygen to your cells and it is the basic essence of the human structure.

Water use in Gout helps Flush Toxins, flush excess Uric acid, alkalizes the blood, keeps the organs functioning properly, reduces Kidney stone occurrences, aids in all Gout medicine functions.

If you suffer from Gout, make sure you drink between 2 to 3 liters ofwater a day.

It sounds like it will be hard to do, but after a while if you do not drink this amount of water you will feel a little dehydrated.

You will urinate far more frequently, but consider that for every passing you are also flushing your body or toxins.
There are many people these days suggesting using water that is alkalized or purified, or magnetized.

I agree with them, the better the quality of water the better your health will be.

Remember 60% or an adult male is comprised of Water,women are around the 55% mark.
An overweight person has a smaller percentage of water than a thin person.

Muscle is made up of 70- 75% of water, fat is 50%, and bones are made up of around 50% water. Blood is comprised mostly of water, our body temperature is also regulated by water.

If you are a little more on the exact science type of person then try this general rule for accurate water consumption for your body weight.

Divide you Body weight in pounds x 2 which equals the amount of ounces of water you should take per day.
This obviously depends on if you exercise regularly, and if you do then add an extra glass of water per 30 minutes when active.

ie: 180 pound person must drink 90 ounces of water a Day

Please note that taking excess Water in one big amount can lead to water intoxication and hyponatremia.
There are DANGERS involved which can lead to Death.

Simple- Drinks lots of Water. Keep your Gout at Bay.

Always seek medical advice with regards to Gout and Gouty symptoms.

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Water use in Gout

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