Cherry Juice for Gout

Cherry juice for a gout remedy, sounds like an "old wives tale" doesn't it.?So you would prefer some large changes to your lifestyle or a possible toxic level of conventional chemicals then would you.? Read on then if you are interested in a possible natural way of eliminating many of the problems that gout can cause that is being studied scientifically.

Preliminary results from a study first published in Agricultural Research Magazine, May 2004 "Fresh Cherries may Help Arthritis Sufferers" suggest that there might be something to digesting fresh Bing cherries or the juice itself to reduce painful arthritic inflammation conditions like gout. Retired chemist R.A.Jacob stated "Our test is among the first to track anti-inflammatory effects of fresh Bing Cherries in a controlled experiment with healthy volunteers". These experiments were the first to test key inflammatory indicators in blood samples and were following up previous work reported in the 2003 issue of Journal Of Nutrition. Darshan Kelley a fellow chemist also stated "Our main focus in this study was gout, a very painful form of arthritis..During gout attacks, crystals of a naturally occurring chemical, uric acid, accumulate in joints—commonly in the toes—and cause pain. Urate in blood plasma is a precursor of these uric acid crystals. So, we closely measured volunteers' levels of plasma irate." The plasma levels of the volunteers decreased to a significant level over a five hour period after their meal of cherries with elevated uric acid levels being excreted from the test subjects. A side result of gout is an unwanted rise in nitric oxide which is believed to be related in damage to arthritic joints and there was a slight lowering of levels prior to the cherry juice meal. Levels of tumour necrosis factor alpha which is another gout marker were expected to lower but sadly this was not found. So, at the end of the day, there might be just some truth in the juice of cherries as a counter to gout problems. It is certainly worth trying to see if this potential remedy works for you.

Cherry Juice for Gout

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