What is Gout

                              What is Gout

So what is Gout.

The body either makes too much uric acid or it cannot excrete it from the body in large enough quantities.

Uric acid is a by product of purines being broken down by the body's
digestive and waste system , which in turn breaks down and builds up
body and food tissues through food intake.

Generally the uric acid is dissolved in the blood and also flushed out through the kidneys.

When the Uric acid levels are high, it is known as Hyperuricaemia.

What is gout - Gout is also called Metabolic Arthritis.

The Uric deposits then move to the extremities of the body causing
an inflammatory reaction in and around the tendon areas.

This inflammatory reaction is due to the body producing white blood
cells to combat the Uric acid intruder. When this happens the inflamed
area also produces heat.

The Uric acid appears in the form of needle like crystals which tear
into the synovial sacks and cartilage between joints.

                There are 4 Stages of this disease

Gout in the hands
1. Asymptomatic

2. Acute

3. Interval

4. Chronic Tophaceous

All of the above are dangerous if left untreated and vary in levels of pain from discomfort to extreme pain and complete body immobility. Do not take this beast lightly.

Please note that this is a serious condition to have.

This disease has long term effects on the joints and the tendons, and if it is not treated with respect it can also lead to Heart and Kidney disease and other major problems.

Another warning for you as a sufferer, MAKE SURE YOU READ UP ON THE SIDE EFFECTS OF ANY MEDICINE PRESCRIBED TO YOU, as nearly all medicines are synthetic and will have side effects in the long term.

If you try hard, you can control and even conquer this disease. But it takes time and much work from YOU the sufferer.

Please travel through this site and you may discover a Fact or remedy that can help you have a better quality of Life.

This website contains a massive amount of information on Gout remedies, gout cures, and how to control purine levels, and understanding Uric acid and the best foods to eat to combat gout.

It is up to you the gout sufferer to take charge of your quality of life.

It is up to you to seek medical advice and then deem if you want to go ahead and try other means to combat this arthritic disease by dietary ways.

Its all up to you. Starting from NOW.

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