Flax seed oil and Gout

flax seed oil and Gout -
lowering your uric acid for a gout diet

Flax seed oil and Gout is a strange combination indeed, yet worthy of considering the health benefits of Flax seed oil on Gouty symptoms.

Flax seed and its oil have been used for centuries as an oil to help dry oil in painting and varnishing, feeding livestock and fibre to aid diets.

The plants origin was in Europe and is also called Lunim Usitatissimum.

Flax Seed also contains lignans which fight the effects of bacteria and fungus and protect the intestinal walls and aid arthritis.
The oil is high in Omega- 3 fatty acids but the levels can vary from the types and colours of flax seed.
The seeds come in a yellow and a brownish color and when taken appropriately have been shown to help reduce high blood pressure and influence the reduction of cholesterol levels.

Also due to the Omega -3 Fatty oils, Flax seed oil helps reduce inflammation in the Joints and the kidneys. Hence taken during a Gout attack can help immensely. You can also just use flax seed and mix it with cereal or grind it and add to drinks or breakfast cereals.

The oil is rich in Alphalinolenic acid which is an essential fatty acid for aiding heart disease, but using Flax seed oil by itself can also cause a Omega 6 LA deficiency. Therefore it is recommended to mix flax seed oil with another oil that is higher in Omega 6 such as sesame oil, evening primrose oil or sunflower oil.

This will supply the right balance of the Omega family.

Flax seed oil can be taken as a capsule or just sprinkle Flax seeds on your cereal or yoghurt,

Flax seed oil can be rubbed in the inflamed or swollen areas of the skin , or wrapped on gouty areas in a poultice.( and can be added to Castor oil wraps)

The Oil can be mixed with other oils and used as a salad dressing or for cooking.

For a Gout diet  it is recommended to take as a capsule form with plenty of water.
In experiments perfomed by the Experimental Nutrition Laboratory, College of Nutrition, Federal Fluminense University, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. showed a study using rats and flax seed showed promising results of a reduction of uric acid. This is using rats though, but still a promising outcome.

currently no human trials have been performed to complete the theory that flax seed can reduce uric acid, and help control gout.

In my own experiments, I do add flax seed to my diet on occasion.

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Flax seed oil and Gout

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