Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout? Sounds simple, well it is. I have been a gout sufferer for the past 28 years. When I feel that special tingle in my toes which is the early alert from my body of a pending gout attack, I take Apple Cider for Gout. You want to know the secret recipe? Read on.

Apple cider vinegar is full of nutrients like potassium, aiding the removal of toxins in the blood, iron, calcium and amino acids that reduce toxin buildup and serve as antibiotics. The  acetic acid is turned alkaline inside the body forming a pH balanced environment that reduces gout symptoms by also reducing the bloods Ph content.

Drinking apple cider vinegar for gout breaks up the uric acid crystals and prevents them from reforming in the joints by aiding blood circulation and purification. It reduces inflammation and swelling in the joints allowing for better flexibility of the joints. ACV contains higher amounts of malic acid.

Many people have experienced relief from gout symptoms a few hours after using apple cider vinegar for gout , i have had relief within a day.

Ok the Apple Cider vinegar for Gout secret is below.

                                         -THE RECIPE-

Vinegar or the word vinegar traced back to the latin word
' vinum' and the French word  'vin' for wine and 'aigre' for sour.

It is a natural by product of a food organism, generally a natural starch in vegetables which once turned into alcohol ferments into vinegar.

Legend's tell that the  Sumerian civilization started to use Vinegar as a cleaning agent, shortly followed by the Babylonians who used vinegar to help keep the actions of food spoiling bacteria at bay by using it as a preservative.

From the ancient Egyptian's, Hannibal, Cleopatra, the Greeks and Biblical references vinegar has been used as a beverage, a condiment, and a remedy to fight infectious disease.

Women have for centuries used White Vinegar for cleaning, as
well as for helping rashes and bites heal.
There are variations of vinegar on the market today:

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout is the best version to use as it contains Mother in it.

Apple Cider Vinegar :  Made from fermented apples

Malt Vinegar:  Made from alcohol from fermented barley malt

Red Wine Vinegar: Made from wine of red grapes

White Vinegar:  Made from wine of white grapes

Pure White Vinegar: Made from corn converted to starch and sugar then fermented again with a neutral spirit alcohol into vinegar.

Apple Cider for Gout

                         Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout:

This is a recipe I have come across that has proved itself before and I have tried it and it works on Gout. In fact I have used it every day for now as an experiment and it controls the aches, the pain, the swelling, the gout twinges, I am extremely happy with the effects of daily apple cider vinegar for gout that I will take it for the rest of my life. For me it is life changing

There are other potential health problems that this recipe also can be beneficial.

The best part of this is it is  cheap and easy to make..

Yes a home remedy this is.

Yes it aids in weight loss

Yes Grandma used it and so does lots of sufferers.

Yes you have to make it yourself

Yes it involves Apple Cider Vinegar

Yes its is called Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout- THE RECIPE-

Other health problems this may alleviate are:

High Blood Pressure










Ok let get into why this Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout recipe can help you:

Apple Cider Vinegar contributes to the breaking down of food in the body, it prevents harmful bacteria from multiplying, aids respiratory infections, sore throats, nasal discharges,  it aids blood purification and circulation.

Also maintains the health of the Kidneys and Bladder.

It is full of pectin ( attaches to cholesterol globules )  and minerals, vitamins and beta-carotene ( fights free radicals and helps cells rejuvenate ) , carbolic acids,  ketones potassium
( removes excess water and toxic waste and helps regulate bloodpressure ) malic acid and acetic acid (fights fungal infection and relieves painful joints)
The Malic acid also dissolves deposits of Uric Acid and helps push them out of the body.

The amino acids  present, act as antibiotics and as an antiseptic and reduce toxicity in the body.

If combined with centella ( Gotu Kola ) is extremely helpful and known for its Arthritic healing benefits.

Ok enough of that lets get to Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout

                                     -THE RECIPE-

1 Tablespoon of Honey
( I do not use Honey anymore as I am used to the taste and it can be a little thick and sickly )


1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (make sure the Vinegar has its "Mother"in it, this is the naturally occurring strand-like enzymes of connected protein molecules formed when converting alcohol into Vinegar... its organic structure is beneficial , plus this generally is only in Organic, non pasteurized non fermented brews.) 

Mix them together and drink.

Take this twice a day after meals and see the benefits in a week.

If you want you can add more water.

I have also used warm water to help melt the honey and generally I use organic honey.

It can be quite thick, and you can change the recipe and lower the honey to a teaspoon's worth if you want.

 Give it a try it is worth it.

                      Here is a smaller version :

250 mL (8 oz) Purified Water (warm enough to melt honey)
1 to 2 teaspoons Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (Organic recommended)
1 to 2 teaspoons Honey(Local, raw, non-GMO recommended)

You didn't pay anything to get this recipe

it is simple, and works.

There you have it Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout - The Recipe-

       Here are some other recipes but for general health:

                            The Quick Cleanser

3 Tablespoons  Apple Cider Vinegar

3  Tablespoons lemon juice, fresh squeezed if possible

3  Tablespoons honey

also you can add 1/4 tsp cayenne, and 1/4 tsp fresh ginger

Mix with warm water , drink then rinse your teeth immediately due to potential staining.


                                For Arthritis

2 Cups of apple cider, 4 to 6 cloves of garlic

1 cup honey ,blend until smooth and put in fridge.. when ready to use add 1 tablespoon to a large glass of hot water and drink daily.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout

WEEK 8 since I started taking Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout.

I have now reduced the intake amount to 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider and 2 teaspoons of water and
the same for organic honey.

I was using double strength Cider and hated the taste, then I found an organic blend that was not double strength. This is much easier to drink and does not burn on the way down nor taste horrible.

I have been drinking beer ( which a gout sufferer shouldn't ) but I wanted to test this remedy.

In fact I have had quite a bit of beer lately which I generally rarely drink , and red wine and white wine and even a port or two in the last few weeks.. all bad for a Gouty person like myself but for some reason I have been to a few more dinner parties than normal plus a few birthdays and visitors coming to stay , hence a few more quaffers have gone down my expanding stomach.

Anyway I have been taking the Apple Cider Vinegar reduced recipe and absolutely no GOUT has appeared at all.

I may even venture into the seafood area of eating  lots of prawns or shrimps pending where you come from, as these little fellas always give me gout.

So in the next week or two I will do the seafood experiment to see if the Vinegar recipe works and let you know how it goes.

I will also be reducing my alcohol intake as I am getting FAT.

Anyway give the Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout a try, make sure it is all organic , including the honey.
Lets see how the seafood test goes!

It has now been about 16 weeks since my last Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout test.

After the last article I consumed copious amounts of Prawns, shrimps what ever you like to call them.
Followed by a few white and red wines, simply a feast of fresh seafood.

I then stuck to my 2 teaspoons roughly ( I now just pour what looks like a tablespoon or a Jamie Oliver "LUG") into a glass of water after breakfast and lunch.

I had a small twinge of Gout in my right ankle, then nothing.
Pre - apple cider vinegar for gout I would of had a bout of Gout for sure.
So for me the Apple Cider Vinegar works extremely well.

Now just recently I returned from China from some Olympic meetings, whilst over there I ate lots of small shellfish deep fried and quite a bit of local beer. I had 4 days there and an 11 hour flight on both sides.

Generally I would get gout both from the flight the food and the alcohol.
I didn't take any ACV with me as these days you cannot travel with liquids in your carry on luggage and I couldn't risk it leaking in my bags so no ACV for me.

I did also get a bit naughty and also drink my favorite drink Makers Mark Bourbon.
I did drink lots of water though as some sort of maintenance.

When I arrived back home I started to get twinges in my right big toe and my left arch, but as soon as I felt these I took a few large "lugs" of  ACV in a large glass of water.
I have had no other Gout Symptoms since.

So for me Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for gout with Mother definitely works in my Gout maintenance.
TRY it , it may well be your savior... but remember ALWAYS seek a doctor's opinion first.

I have decided that NSAID's are good for extreme or acute gouty attacks. But for general Gout prevention I will stick to apple cider vinegar.
I will add more information on Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout as I go along.
Enjoy Life.

Make sure you seek the advice of a medical practitioner before undertaking in any medicine or herbs or any other method for combating Gout.

                         8 Months on Update

I have just had an email from Peter Clarke in Bangkok requesting an update.Thanks for taking time out Peter and writing to me.

Well the good news is my Gout is well under control.I still take daily Organic Apple Cider, but have lowered the dose down.

I have the occasional twinge here and there, but as of yet I have had no severe attacks.On saying this I was just in China working on the Beijing Olympics where I couldn't get any Apple Cider at all. ( I was a long way from Beijing ). I did get an attack there due to the seafood I was consuming each evening and perhaps a few beers with this! ( it was 36 degrees OR 98.8 Fahrenheight ) But for the past 8 months I believe the Apple Cider has certainly helped the acidity in my body.

This isn't to say this will work for you, but it is worth investigating.At the moment I am investigating water alkalizer machines, filter systems etc.This looks like a great area to look into if you have Gout. Ionized water does the same thing as ACV it helps reduce the acidity in the body, completely re hydrates the body and have many other health benefits.Go to this Australian site and have a read. Ion Life

I hope the Apple Cider Vinegar Works for you as it has for me.Just make sure you use the Organic version with " Mother" and filtered water, and follow the instructions above.

Good luck.

Keep everyone informed of your quest.

Gout Aware Admin


Ok I have been a little slack in updating my ACV progress on a regular basis.
I have been getting requests for an update, so here it is.
It is now 3 years on, and my Gout attacks are intermittent and rarely occur. I do get twinges here and there when my diet falls into the wrong area. I do still take ACV about every 3 to 4 weeks in small dosages. This is purely a maintenance dose. I have lost weight and try and keep away from beer and most seafood. But funnily enough I eat a fair bit if chicken which gives me a twinge here and there.
I have had a few readers write in especially from Asia to tell me that chicken brings on their gout.

I have been updating a new Gout Book and will be working on adding a lot of Uric Acid free recipes to this site.
These are quite bland recipes indeed, but they are uric acid free or atleast have extremely low uric acid levels which should be beneficial to all that require changing their diet.

As you can see in the below stories from many gout sufferers, ACV seems to help alleviate gout attacks and reduce swelling.
I must stress, that you should be wary of the damage AVC can do to your teeth enamel, plus the potential burning of the stomach and organs.

You should rinse your mouth out or wash your teeth immediately after taking ACV.
And if you get any type of stomach upset, then cease taking ACV.

Please keep your stories rolling in to this site, as it is great for all reading to see other peoples progress.

5 Years on and controlling my Gout

Well, here I am 5 years on with my gout under control.I still use ACV but only when I feel a gout attack looming.I have lost about 14 kilos and I am now very fit. I have been drinking wine and beer ( beer occasionally ) and get a twinge here and there, but have not had a bad gout attack in over 2 years. When I say bad I mean 3 to 5 days disabled. I have had an ache here and there and some pain which subsides after a day or so, but this has been it.I try and control my intake of red meat, alcohol,shrimps ( prawns ) seafood soups and acidy foods. This coupled with the weight loss has been effective in the reduction of my gout attacks. I guess I am more aware of the pre-gout attack twinges and can control or at least attack it head on. I generally drink a huge amount of water, with ACV and then use some baking soda watered down. This seems to do the trick. This website has lots of people swearing about Apple cider vinegar helping relieve their gout, and some sceptic's or people who tried it and it didn't work.All I can say, if you have a gout attack it is worth trying ACV, because if it does not work for you then try something else, and not just sit back and take some form of synthetic drug with long term side effects and think this is the cure.I believe you must find what works without drugs and if you can maintain gout with the occasional use of a small amount of a drug then fine, as long as it is not long term, as we all know, long term drug use will have side effects.Please keep writing in if you find Apple cider vinegar for gout works for you.

Good luck.


Gout Aware.

The photo above, was taken a day into a bad gout attack. I took Apple Cider Vinegar immediately. ( day 1 )

Day 2 - The gout had reached its highest pain and heat level, bad pain, an the gout was moving around my foot. I kept taking ACV for my Gout.

Day 4 - still got the gout pain, but the swelling and heat had dropped off. Still taking Daily Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother in it.

Do you have as story about Apple Cider Vinegar?

If you have a story or a few sentences you would like to add about the healing properties of Apple Cider Vinegar then please feel free to add your comments.
The More the merrier!

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ACV can reduce heavy menses! Not rated yet
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Hi, my name is Keith and i am currently suffering from gout. My left arch, and ankle are swollen and causing great discomfort. I just "stumbled" on to …

Apple Cider Vinegar, helps control my Gout - a wonderful gift from God Not rated yet
I had suffered from Gout attacks for many years and I had been visiting doctor now and then. I took apple cider vinegar with the mother for the last …

Apple Cider Vinegar works for gout Not rated yet
My husband has gout for over 6 years. we have been to numerous doctors and tried many different treatments to reduce the pain and swelling. He has cut …

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                                       Apple Cider for Gout

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  1. Tony

    May 08, 24 08:57 PM

    Hi Peter, I am a physician, had my first Gout episode last week. I was surfing through the web and happened to come across your site. I am impressed by

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    Allopurinol worked for me, but at the expense of adversely affecting my mood.I like cherries, but getting them every day of the year is a problem.I wondered

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    Apr 22, 20 07:19 AM

    During my first gout attack, I was in so much pain that I desperately scoured the internet for alternative cures as the colchicine that I was prescribed

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