Acute Gout

Acute Gout can appear overnight and causes severe pain and inflammation.

It will occur if you do not look after your dietary intake. Make sure you thoroughly understand that what you put into your body can either cause gout and prolong a gout attack, or will reduce your chances of a severe gout attack.

Acute Gout is an attack that is intense in Character, accompanied with large painful areas that are inflamed and often giving off heat surrounding a joint. Most commonly appearing in the large toe area but as a sufferer has more
 attacks the pain and swelling can move to other areas such as the heel, achilles heel, knees, fingers, shoulders, hips, ankles, elbows, wrists etc.

This can be also mis-diagnosed as bacterial cellulitis due to
 their similar appearance and Bacterial Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of the skin which generally appears under the skin.
The most common of this infection is Streptococci, which spread
 throughout the body causing reddish inflammation also causing  chills,
 and low blood pressure.

This form of Gout is classified as a sudden and severe attack of a metabolic
 disease caused by uric acid that is deposited in the joints  causing immobility.
Often the age of the victim is between 30 and 50 years old, and over
 85% of the first acute attacks affect only one joint.
And this joint is mainly the base of the big toe.
The fastest and most common way to help cure this painful beast
 is the use of NSAIDs which  are fast acting and highly effective.
 I have treated my own attacks with NSAID's and they worked
 over 2 to 3 days, the severe pain went down with the swelling but there
 was still a limp in my step for 2 weeks after this and other  attacks.

Having this form of a gout attack, requires immediate medication to tackle this beast as soon as possible.

There can be many causes of Acute gout attacks, and if you have an attack you should seek medical treatment and advice as soon as possible. The doctors should assess your weight, diet, allergies, alcohol intake and uric acid levels in your blood.There are other symptoms and dangers that should be looked at, such as hypertension,hyperlipidaemia ( unusual high levels of lipids in the blood )  and renal problems. These attacks can come back and last much longer each time. You need to get on top of your food and liquid intake as soon as possible. I must warn you that the use of Colchicine to treat Acute gout can cause toxicity. If you have renal impairment then colchicine may interact with the drugs you are taking causing vomiting and diarrhoea. You must seek medical guidelines in dosage as new evidence proves that lower doses of colchicine may still reduce acute gout flare ups and also reduce toxictiy affects.
Whilst NSAIDS is the first line of defense or the fastest way of trying to reduce acute gouty attacks, you must not take these if you have kidney problems, or heart disease and gastrointestinal issues, otherwise you will get adverse effects. Aspirin should not be used either as it can change uric acid levels and increase the attack rather than reduce it.Try ice packs and stretching the problem area, if this doesn't help then try hot packs and stretching the inflamed area. The idea is to reduce the swelling and try and get the fluid moving in the body. Even a hot bath may help, plus drink plenty of water to try and flush the uric acid out of your system via urination. You must get a uric acid blood test to make sure you are suffering from Gout.This is your warning from your body. This is gout at its worst, if you do not try and control gout then more attacks like this will occur plus your body can well be maimed internally by not addressing the problem. YOUR BODY HAS WARNED YOU. NOW IT IS TIME TO ACT OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.


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