Beer Gout

Beer Gout .

Research has shown that between 2 and 4 glasses of beer a week may increase your chances of getting a Gout attack by 25%.

This is sad news indeed for a gout sufferer.

BUT ( this is a worrying statistic ) for an average middle aged male drinker who drinks 2 beers or more a day, their Gout risk is significantly increased by 200%.

If you drank liquor at the same level your Gout attack risk increased to 60%.

Wine drinkers had a less significant risk level of serum uric acid levels.

So a limit of beer consumption to a Gout sufferer should be closely considered.

All beer is high in alcohol and purines, which if also consumed with other high purine rich foods such as seafood or red meat would also increase Gouty attacks.

Beer is known to "augment the hyperuricaemic effect of alcohol itself"

One of the best selling books in Japan was called " Treating Gout while still drinking beer" which the author became his own test subject .
He drank up to 9 litres of beer every night then he contracted bad gout.

Studies have shown that alcohol generates 5.11 milligrams of purine in every 100 grams.

The author Mitsuhiro Osame repeated a pattern of drinking large amounts of beer then also abstaining from it .

He checked his blood and urine levels as he went and formed a pattern with which he could draw some conclusions of Beer gout.

He found that if he drank less than 750 millilitres of beer daily his uric acid levels dropped and his attacks subsided.

He also added this advice:

" Find a level of alcohol suitable for your body, then you can drink at your own pace".

So go to amazon and buy this book if it is written in English and drink beer at your Gouty Peril.

Be Aware Be Gout Aware

Gout Beer

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