Uric Acid Metabolism and Acid and Alkalizing the Body

Uric acid metabolism and Acid and alkalizing the body can be looked at as a potential complete body re-balance that will prevent future attacks and Gouty symptoms plus a host of other diseases

For a gout sufferer there is a re-balance of Acid/alkaline in the body that is required ,this gives the body a head start in the fight against gout and disease.

Most illnesses come from the same root cause in the body.
There is too much tissue Acid waste flowing.

The waste acids are not easily eliminated from the body and are generally
re-absorbed into the body through the colon into the liver.

These acids then leave residue which causes disease and sickness.

It is called ACIDOSIS.- the basic foundation of all disease.

Acid/ Alkaline need to be balanced harmoniously, too much acid causes certain symptoms,
too much alkaline will also cause certain symptoms.

It is the ratio of acid minerals and alkaline minerals in our body that is important, not what
levels are in our foods and the body's store and use of these minerals that's most important.

A great way of elimination these wastes is by alkalizing the body through water intake with
special alkalizing filters or by the use of our diet.

The body requires whole natural foods , plenty of greens and fruits and the reduction of acid foods
such as sugar and salt and most commercial foods.

To maintain Uric Acid Metabolism and Acid and Alkalizing the Body Our body does not completely metabolize all of our foods, leaving organic
wastes in our system.

One if these is a Gout enemy Uric acid the other is Lactic acid , plus a host
of inorganic material such as sulphuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, and Phosphoric acid.

The organs and Glands of the body both function together in proportion to the amount
of alkaline and acid levels in our system.

An example of this is Kidney Stones, if there is too much acidity in the kidneys
then Kidney stones will appear.

Waste acid and mineral salts join together and Bingo.. a stone appears.

If we reduce acid forming substances or products from entering the body then we
reduce the chance of a stone appearing.

This is the same with uric acid and calcium substances building up.

This will also work on other major regions of the body such as the Lymphatic glands,
stomach, colon, the Heart, Pancreas, small intestines, Liver, if the acidity is not
controlled then there is an increase in chronic disease.

Studies on Uric Acid Metabolism and Acid and Alkalizing the Body by Doctor Theodore Baroody
( author of Alkalize of Die )

is one of
the only current health professionals to identify that excess acid in the body is the
major cause for disease.
He states that acid/alkaline is the maintenance of mineral support for the body.

Not enough purified drinking water slows the lymph glands, the waste products
from foods are not properly digested and are reabsorbed into the general circulation
of the body via the lymphatic ducts of the small intestine.

This then effects the bowel movements that do not clear the body of its daily
poisons so they are reabsorbed.

There is also evidence pointing at Ph levels in the body, if the levels are not
right then the body cannot work at its peak, apparently this includes any
therapies, acupuncture, herbs, vitamins and allopathic drugs, they will all
be limited in their improvement of the body functions.

Westerners have a high over-acidic level due to their large consumption of Protein.

Another Uric Acid Metabolism and Acid and Alkalizing the Body study by Dr George W.Crile former head of the Crile Clinic in Cleveland states
" It is now believed that most disease develops because of lowering of the function and resistance of the body due to chronic acidosis. There is no natural death. All deaths from so called natural causes are merely the end point of a progressive acid saturation'...

Interesting quote , if you want to believe it is could be amazing to look further into this, but here is also where sceptics or people with blinkers on may well think this is all gobbleygook and hogwash..

With regards to Uric Acid Metabolism and Acid and Alkalizing the Body, I tend to think there is definitely something in this.

So have a look at alkalizing water filters , and a diet change ,
this may we be the miracle cure you have been looking for.

Uric Acid Metabolism and Acid and Alkalizing the Body

Please Note:

I have added uric acid free diet recipes to this site which will be updated regularly.

Be Aware

Be Gout Aware

Uric Acid Metabolism and Acid and Alkalizing the Body

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