Four Stages of Gout

Four stages of gout -
diagnosis and treatment of gout

There are Four Stages of Gout according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS):

Asymptomatic Gout

In Asymptomatic Gout there is a higher uric acid level in the blood but there are no symptoms.

I think that most Gout Sufferers would be in this stage regularly as there is no way of knowing your levels unless you get a blood check. 

Also there can be some back pain related to this, but if you are like me you wont even link the two together.

For this stage no medication is required.

 But if suspected then drink plenty of water and eat and drink a low purine diet.Sometimes tingling sensations can be felt in the foot or other areas and then now attack will occur.

Acute Gouty Arthritis

Photo courtesy Dr Peter Gow

This lovely sounding Gout is where a uric acid crystals deposit in the joint spaces.
Painful symptoms of pain and inflammation occur and can dissipate within 3 to 10 days but can go longer.
The pain will be intense and throbbing, and there will be heat dissipating from the swollen or inflamed area.
Generally this attack will be in the big toe area and feel like a broken toe of foot.
The color of the inflamed area will be reddish and possible chills or fever will appear.
The inflammation may well travel into the ankle and underneath of the foot in the instep and heel.

There is researched showing that the wrists and knees can also be affected.

Interval Gout or Intercritical Gout

Four Stages of Gout

Strange name really as it means the gap between gout attacks with no symptoms and the joints have no problems functioning.

Most people will suffer a second attack within 6 months to 2 years but there can be lapses up to 10 years.

These delayed attacks can be far more serious than the initial attack and will move to different areas such as the Achilles area.

Chronic Tophaceous Gout or Polyarticluar Gout

Photo courtesy Dr Peter Gow

This nasty sounding Gout is the beast all sufferers fear as this stage is a disabling gout that occurs after many years of suffering and can be associated with permanent damage to affected joints and the piece de resistance…Kidney damage.

Spreading to tendons, tophi of the ears and fingers, fingers and hands, and also the elbows and knees, tophi in the cartilage, tophi in the flexors in the forearms, the list goes on.

And there is also the possibility of ulcers exuding chalky power or puss from within the skin.

Nice isnt it....NOT..

See a doctor as you need immediate attention for this beauty.

Four Stages of Gout

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