1st experiance with Gout,T-day is 2nd wk. day #12. "Misery" Dont fool around with, god forbid u do."Misery!"

by Paul
(USA , GA, Pickens c.)

For several days i was feeling discomfort in my feet. Both, tops,bottom,heal area,sides. I'm one that figures whatever going on, will get better. so now day 4 or 5 my feet and ancles were swollen to the Max. Extreame readness ,worse in some places such as heal. We'll my brother was visiting as at this point, a hobble-barley walk.He looked at them and started in with story of people he's known who almost lost there leg/toe. Extreame info. At this point i'm worried. Did reasearch online,called friends for home remides.I have no ins. but went to Dr. anyway. Didnt do labs to determine for sure (couldn't painaford test). This was Thur. pm - perscribed 3 meds... Zyloprim-treats high uric acid levels..Keflex-bacterial infection..and Naproxen-anti-inflammatory.. Now is Sat. Am and o what a relief from the pain. I would fill cooler w/ice/h2o and put in also topical stuff can get over counter. Just to Manage. Gotahave the internal meds. I kid u not Pain,Pain, its serious. hope this may help someone..

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Sep 29, 2013
try vinegar therapy also
by: edward haynes

hello i too suffer from chronic gout and tried many supps some worked also prescrips some worked. i still take some of prescrips and over counter stuff. naproxen also good. ongoing relief lowerning prescrips is vinegar just vinegar fruit cane white apple cide(best) any brand and last tuba spiced. i use em 3 or 4 times a day for relief. bout every three or four hr. yes us can lose limb freeze up vital organ and even death untreated. its not to be messed with or taken lightly. hope this helps. email me if you like.

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