27 yr old female & gout

by jo

my name is Jo, I am 27 years old, do not drink beer, am in a healthy weight range, i'm active & eat a balanced healthy diet.
i woke one sunday morning to what i thought was a stone bruise. during the course of the day the ball of my big toe joint swelled & went red. the pain was so intense i went to my local hospital who said i either was bitten by a spider or had an infection (even though i had no broken skin anywhere on my body) after taking the antibiotics for 4 days & no improvement i went to see another dr who this time told me it was definitely an infection and to keep taking my antibiotics.
after another 2 days, things had still not improved, my foot was still swollen, still inflamed, still painful. this time i saw a different Dr, this Dr said that it looks like I am suffering from gout. from all my research so far, gout would be very uncommon in a person of my description. does anyone else know of any young, healthy female sufferers??

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Nov 06, 2012
23 & gout
by: jenni

the same thing happened to me i was running around with my one year old then that evening my foot was throbbing i thaught nothing of it untill i couldnt stand up and i noticed i had a red swollen lump at the base of my big toe.
i went to my gp the next morning who gave me some nsaid to take and ordered some blood tests but tolx me he thinks it is gout!!! i thaught gout only affected elderly poeple or people who like a drink im waiting on blood test but am worried of the effects gout will have on my quality of life as a young mother with A young family.

Jul 02, 2012
27 yr old female with gout
by: Anonymous

I'm 27 years old and female. Just recently, I woke up to a dull pain in my right hand. At first, I though that maybe it was just muscle pain and ignored it and still went to work. I tried warm compress and ben-gay to try and wear off the pain but the pain grew more intense after several hours. Several more hours after, even the slightest movement caused excruciating pain. I saw our company nurse who suggested my hand might be fractured or that maybe I had gout. I didn't really accept the gout suggestion because well, I just don't fall on the usual gout crowd demographic. I got home from work, took painkillers, and got ready to just sleep off the pain but within 15 minutes of laying in bed, i was crying like a baby. The pain was just so harsh and debilitating, I was frozen to a spot. The pain wore off a little after a few hours probably because of the painkillers I took. I was so scared that the pain may return or get worse. I willed myself to get up and took myself to the nearest hospital where I was diagnosed with hyperuricemia. I still think it's unbelievable that I have this condition but I am ready to do anything (including overhauling my diet) just to avoid being in that painful episode ever again.

Mar 10, 2012
48 yr old female & gout
by: Jennifer

When I woke up 3 days ago my left big toe joint was hot and excruciatingly painful, having been fine the night before. I hobbled around all day thinking I perhaps had tendonitis... although I had no injury or trauma to my foot, it felt like very very bad cramp. The next day it was worse..went to the podiatrist who immediately diagnosed gout... the joint was giving off a lot of heat. I am now taking Indo.... and can barely walk ;-(.
I am otherwise very healthy.....always drink at least 2 litres water per day, eat plenty green leafy veg in awell balanced diet not especially rich in purine foods, rarely drink alcohol, exercise regularly, am well within healthy weight range, and have no family history of gout. The GP agrees it is very unusual. Am combing these blogs to find natural remedies and perhaps identify the trigger for gout in my case.

Feb 15, 2012
by: Jo- Anne

I am 27 and have been suffering with gout of the right side of my foot since i was 22. I feel for you as this is extremely painful. I have heard eating black cherries can help as a natural remedy.

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