30 year old suffering Gout

by northernguitar

I got my first gout attack at 30 years of age. Thought I hurt myself mountain biking and in the middle of the night severe pain. Went to the doctor, had x-rays, ultra-sound, blood tests and then got sent to a sports injury specialist. Here in Canada it's all free. The specialist took one look and said "Gout". I thought that was rich man's disease or old man's disease I said and the doctor explained that it is a metabolism imbalance inherited and that alcohol, rich foods, shellfish, mushrooms, asparagus, oatmeal etc....you all know the story.
I've always drank beer, but I always ate an almost vegetarian diet, (fish twice a week) Since then I've had about 30 more attacks, (I'm now 50) each time after the attack was over I'd be good and no beer or beer only on weekends for a few months but as a very active athlete I'd always be hanging with other guys after a mountain bike ride or cross country ski and put down a few with the predictable result. I've finally reached a stage where if I have one day of beer drinking (two beers) I've got gout the next few days. I'm completely vegan now. A lot of the things I used to enjoy consuming in life are gone now. Still the attacks come. This is an awful disease and I find the worst thing is not just the pain and not being able to get around but the attitude of people who you tell. They either laugh about it thinking you've just had too good a life or they think you're a substance abuser and loser.
This gout thing sucks but there's always something worse.

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Mar 14, 2013
Just joined the under-40 Gout club too
by: Steve

Really appreciated your post. Just had my first attack at 37 and suddenly feel so much older.

I disagree with the poster above though - my attack came in the evening after I had some Sake at a Japanese restaurant, and I hadn't had any other alcoholic drinks for about 3-4 weeks before that. So I'm staying away from Sake, drinking a whole lot more water than I used to, and watching my diet while I await the results of blood tests to confirm my uric acid levels.

It really sucks because I'm heading to my cousin's bachelor party this weekend and it's the first "drinking event" since the diagnosis where I'll have to avoid most drinking. Will probably slip the bartender a $20 or something to have them discreetly make my drinks virgin, and just pretend I'm getting as drunk as everyone else! .I'm not a great actor, but they'll be too messed up to tell anyway!

Jun 07, 2012

Regarding Gout exercise, beer and veganism!
I'm afraid I sympathise with all of you, I'm 43 an ex Royal Marine who has been fit and healthy for all my life. I was the same working on a high steeple and thought that I had torn a tendon or something in the foot/ankle/toe area... I am a strict vegetarian and a keen mountain biker, I have visited the doctor and hospital with this complaint, all they suggest is medication.
I have been conducting my own experiments and have found that things like junk food-ice cream, pizza, take aways and any kind of alcohol makes /induces some sort of attack or swelling, it is unfortunately a curse as a I love real ale but if I indulge an attack is 48 hrs later.
I have figured that Uric acid is relevant to body weight and if you drop to a Bmi that is within the normal ranges and abstain from all the good things in life it may help.
I think Gout has no preferences it chooses to f@*k all our lives up no matter how active or healthy we are...

Dec 16, 2009
Dude I am in the same boat as you I am now 34
by: Anonymous

I had to switch diets from vegan and back, but the best thing I learned was that you can drink Japanese SAKE and it won't affect your gout as much as beer, wine or scotch. SAKE is also a good stress reliever and made from pure rice. It is probably the cleanest most refined alcohol but can get expensive. but if you can get a buzz and not get GOUT, it's all worth it. PLease try it for a night and let me know if it works out for you OK?

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