30yrs old and occasional bad gout attacks

by Travis

I get gout in either foot in the big toe, 3 middle toes, ankle, arch, and sometimes in my elbow, wrist, shoulder, or back. Often times an attack will start mild in my elbow, wrist, shoulder or back and then move to one of my feet somewhere and that's when it starts to really hurt. It usually will be bad for 1 or 2 days where I have to use crutches.

An uncle of mine also gets it, usually in his elbow or foot.

I've found that drinking sweet tea will trigger an attack. I know another guy with the same trigger. For me, it takes several glasses, but for the guy I know, it only takes 1 glass of sweet tea.

It also triggers for me with lots of beer.

It seems that taking a small amount of Apple-Cider-Vinegar both reduces an attack and can help prevent it if taken regularly. It's not too bad tasting in a large glass of water, but I prefer to drink it in a small glass of water and chase it with fairly black coffee.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think taking Omega3 Fish oil pills help keep the attacks at bay.

Lots of Sex definitely does help! I tested that one tonight for about 3hrs ;) All I can say is Ahhhh for more than 1 reason! :p

While I was munching on a bag of dried fruit and nut medley at work for lunch a while back, I didn't get any attacks, but that may have been a coincidence. The bag had peanuts, almonds and walnuts, Dried apples, kiwi, mangoes, papaya, Pineapples, Strawberries, Bananas, Cherries, and Golden Raisins. It's this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001A8H4XW which you can get at Costco much cheaper than Amazon's price. I ate it all in about 2 weeks. I was also drinking 32 to 64oz of water a day.

Tylenol helps with the swelling and pain, aspirin can sometimes help with the pain but will make the attack worse. When it's bad and I have to work, I'll take a large dose of Tylenol in the morning, and that usually works all work day. If it's bad at night, I'll take a small dose.

Hope this helps someone!

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Oct 07, 2011
by: Terri

Hi Travis,
Tylenol doesn't help the swelling, but if it works with helping the pain, that's great. I find that as soon as I feel a gout feeling in my toe, I take an Indocin, which helps with pain and swelling, and seems to knock it out.

I think the important thing for a gout sufferer (that I'm learning this year after my first attack in January, 2011, and subsequent less alarming attacks since) is to be able to manage your life around the gout...knowing your body--the reactions to certain foods, keeping up with eating the fruits and vegetables at each meal, exercising (cardio) to lose weight/burn fat/combat stress, taking your apple cider vinegar daily (or twice daily if needed), and making sure you drink the 2+ liters/day of water to keep yourself gout-free.

Do you think the sugar is causing it? Sugar is acidic. Coffee is acid and I don't understand how if men drink over a certain amount of cups per day they are less gouty than if they don't drink the high amts because I think coffee adds to my gout/acidity, so I have to try not to drink it too often.

It is real frustrating/interesting that one particular food is bad for one person and not a problem for another. I still don't know if dried beans are good or bad. I've kinda stopped eating them, although I love all types. Pea soup may or may not be bad, I don't know--does anyone have any input into that? I think garbanzo beans are fine for me because I eat hummus and it's okay (I think LOL).

Take care. Terri

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