Magnetic Therapy helps Gout

It is coming to light that as we look more for cures of Gout that Magnetic Therapy helps Gout.

I know it sounds strange even absurd but hey it is worth looking at if one suffers from Gout or Arthritis or other related diseases.

Magnotherapy is coming into its own when it comes to Gout and Magnetic Therapy.

Magnotherapy believes that all objects on earth have a magnetic energy of some sort that helps maintain their existence. Each person and object is made up of atoms that have their own magnetic field.

I am a Reiki practitioner and these principles are also used in this form of healing. A healthy person can touch a sicker persons affected area and transfer their stronger healthier energy to the affected area.

Magnetic therapy in theory is the energy used to balance a sick persons energy and give positive flow of energy throughout.

Tests are proving that magnotherapy helps correct the level of ph levels in the body and also helps reduce pain, swelling, increase blood circulation by aiding electrolytes by the way of electrical conductivity, and also helps produce ions containing oxygen which also effects the ph levels therefore Magnetic Therapy helps Gout in some form.

Also the use of bipolar magnets can supply positive energy to low energy areas and also attract iron salts improving circulation.

These therapies come in the forms of mattress covers, under blankets, bracelets, jewellery, pillows, and in a water form.

For Gouty toes apply South Pole oil to the tender areas the apply magnets for 30 minutes daily and use this method in the evenings. If this method is used then you must accompany a mixed magnetized waters 4 times a day also.

The use of magnetic water also helps alleviate rheumatic pains and combined with other magnet use can also help blood pressure add kidney stones.

Seek the opinion of a specialist in this field due the types of magnetic waters available, such as North Pole water. South Pole water and mixed water.

And also the differing methods used to store and make magnetic waters.

There can be problems with taking baths after a magnetic application eating foods can make one sick after a treatment, also the strength of a magnet, types of magnets such as ceramic compared to other form.

The wearing of watches whilst being treated, and exercise can also affect you. One must get advice from a magnotherapist or a similar specialized practitioner, and your doctor before proceeding with this therapy.

So if you are a gout sufferers then Magnetic Therapy helps Gout.

Be Aware be Gout Aware

Magnetic Therapy helps Gout

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