ACV and Beer

by Sean
(Nevada, USA)

I just started trying the ACV (4 days). I have noticed that my left toe swelling is lowering and my ankle feels looser and kind of relieved, so to speak. I have a couple some questions I’d like to post here. A little history about me though… I drink quite a bit of beer. I can’t help it as it’s my favorite past time for past time’s sake. I am a connoisseur of beer. To stop drinking it is unfathomable. I have a few bad gout attacks a year and many lesser attacks and twinges periodically. An NSAID works in half a day when I get real pain though. My Questions:

First, I could hardly stand the taste of ACV but I put it down anyway for a two days. Then I had the idea of a 4oz glass with two tablespoons of ACV and light beer. Drinkable, not good, but actually drinkable. This must sound stupid and/or crazy to any respectable gout sufferer, but I’m doing it anyway. So, does the alcohol or any other ingredient in the beer degrade the ACV potency or effectiveness?
Second, I am getting the impression in reading the post’s here that the ACV may be harmful to you. I see that the author has said in the beginning that he was taking it twice daily “for rest of life”, and a few years later only 2-4 times a month. Is this because the ACV can be harmful to your teeth and organs? I am specifically trying this remedy or “cure” due to my apprehension on taking synthetic prescriptions my doctor will prescribe. All pharma products produce another disease is my theory. I don’t want ACV to cause some other bodily failure.
Thirdly, and last for now, why do you recommend “distilled water”, or in another post “filtered water” in the recipe? Does tap or bottled water degrade the potency or effectiveness?
Thanks for the help.
Sean in Nevada, USA.

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Sep 12, 2018
Forget ACV

Forget about ACV GET on Alluprinol, if you are 200 lbs or more take 300 mg per day. Your doctor needs to prescribe and this is safe drug. You likely will never have an attack again. All this natural stuff doesn’t work....I tried them all! Good luck!!

Aug 19, 2012
ACV and your Gout
by: Peter from Gout Aware

Hi Sean,

Thank you for your letter. I do not think that it is a good idea to mix ACV with Beer. The reason is that you are taking ACV to cure gout and taking it with a purine filled beverage that causes gout.
I understand it is an unpleasant taste but maybe you can try it with tomato juice or with warm water and honey?.

ACV can be harmful to you if abused, as i have stated on this site, you must clean your teeth immediately after use as it can erode your teeth enamel.
Yes it could affect organs in your body also. You must speak to a doctor before taking anything for your gout. This is also stated throughout this site.

I have reduced my ACV intake because I am controlling my Gout attacks with dietary changes.

I strongly suggest seeing a health practitioner about your gout before trying anything.

I also agree with you that taking any thing synthetic long term can and more than likely will have detrimental effects on your body and so seeking alternative medicine can be effective.

I wish you all the best in your Gout fighting quest and please write in again and let us know how you are going.

Kind regards

Gout aware

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