ACV (or anything else) Not working. Is this really gout?

by Jim
(New York, NY)

I've been suffering with periodic severe foot pain for years. After years of seeing different doctors - all a bunch of incompetent hacks - my current doctor proclaims it is gout. However, my uric acid level is only slightly elevated. No other condition seems to fit with the symptoms. My heart, kidneys, bp and cholesterol are all good.

I haven't found a way to relieve the pain. On a bad attack, I can lose a couple weeks of work because I can't walk at all. I can't put any weight on my ankles. I've tried Colchicine, Sulindac, Naproxen, Ibuprofen, ACV, baking soda, etc. etc. etc. I've cut out beer, red meats, and any other purine-related foods. I've tried heat compresses, cold compresses, soaking the feet, applying mustard powder (that's just plain stupid) and several other "magic" cures. The only relief is waiting it out. I get at least two major attacks a year. The latest one has lingered for almost two months now with no relief. I'm almost ready to apply for disability because of my inability to walk and the dazed stupor caused by some of the drugs.

Stress appears to have an effect. I can trace a couple bad attacks, including the current one, to particularly stressful situations.

I have completely changed my diet over the last two years. I've lost 30 lbs, but still get severe attacks. Weight apparently has little effect.

I'm at the frustrating point where I believe amputation may be the only cure for the pain. After the past two months, if I could find a doctor that would do it, the feet would be gone.

Perhaps this is not gout. Perhaps it is some other strange disease that mimics gout but does not react to the treatments. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Feb 09, 2013
Possibly not gout or pseudogout at all
by: Anonymous

Is it Plantar fasciitis?
Classic way of getting it is running on sand, and it is known as policemans heel. Gout tends to be for the big toe first, and the heel is rarer.

Oct 08, 2012
worth checking
by: Jim

Thanks, Peter. This actually makes a lot of sense. I've had this condition for many years and have never developed any tophi lumps that are associated with gout. Pseudogout apparently doesn't cause tophi build-up. Uric acid has never been very elevated. I've eliminated all the bad foods and the NSAIDs are useless.

I've been to a rheumatologist. He diagnosed "possible" gout and prescribed Sulindac. I might as well take sugar pills - totally useless.

I'll look for anothe rheumatologist. It's worth a shot. Thanks, again.

Oct 08, 2012
Your gout could be Pseudogout
by: Peter

Your Gout could be pseudo gout.
Here is a link to the page

Has many of the same symptoms. Or maybe it is worth trying to see a rheumatologist?

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