ACV with mother

by Mic

Iam now 67 and had gout attacks once every year since I am 62.

After an attack I eat food low on purin
But then I forget about it and eat whatever I want just anything,nothing happens for 8,9 month but then suddenly
There it is again.Same procedure ACV
Declofenac low purin and its gone for a year or so.
And I have to say it occures mostly in February,why I dont know.
The attacks were always in my big toe.
But last time one month ago I got a very heavy attack in my right hand.
It was the whole hand every finger red hot swolen and so painful I never experienced something like this.
I tried everything from Declofenac,ACV,
LEMMON,ICE PACKS,anything in the book.
My hand felt like an elefant had stood on
it and walked over it absolute terrible.
After 6 weeks I got my hand back moving
But I still suffer with some pain and now Its about 2 month already.I drink daily ACV with mother not as much as when I started but daily.The problem is, I have the feeling the ACV does stop the normal
Urin flow and its not as it should be,
Much water in much less out.
Since 2 month I do a weekly check of uric acid its now at a 7.4 level down from 10.0
I know to get rid of all the crystals you must have uric acid level of 5, but this is very hard to achieve,but I try.
What I cannot understand I lived more than a decade with uric acid levels of 10+ and didnt have any problems,drinking coke 1 lit daily eating seafood red meat just anything and absolute nothing I still try to find out the trigger,there must be something nobody knows something you dont think about.
Last time I eat Nuerrnberger Wurst made by Otto in Thailand and I am convinced it gave me my hand problem.I dont know what is in this product but its a problem.
After my terrible hand experience I will not go back to normal but think about food day in day out,big shit hope some intelligent doctors will find out a real cure to this without side effects.
Even ACV and baking soda are dangerous in some form.

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