Amazing cure for a doctor....

by Miguel Sarabia

I had my first gout attack 10 years ago...I was doing my usual workout...light weights, one hour treadmill run, biking...when suddenly my knees both began to swell the next day! Aspiration revealed...gout crystals in my synovial fluid...that started a ten year cycle of diet, medication, gout attacks... I tried all the meds...colchicine, allopurinol, anti cholesterol meds...and later on steroids like prednisone and dexamethasone during the acute phase of the attacks...nothing really worked!! I was a "forced" vegitarian by now when I decided to STOP all my meds for fear of kidney failure...and began to look for another cure for gout....I had just recovered from severe tendinitis of my right knee...another gout attack...which I stopped with some celecoxib....I still had pain and some fluid in my knee at this point WHEN...I ran into this website advicing APPLE CIDER VINEGAR as the this point I said "try it!" I had my wife buy me a bottle of commercial prepared Apple Cider Vinegar ( not organic) by Heinz. I then followed the instructions in this site...2 tblspoons ACV plus honey in a glass of water...I drank this at around 6 pm, then went to bed....I woke up the next day and to my surprise... all the fluid in my knee was gone! and no pain! A MIRACLE!!! I then went and bought 2 large bottles of BRAGGS apple cider vinegar and take it 3 x a day with honey and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 12 ounces of water...and so far...2 wks have passed and NO GOUT ATTACKS! Hope to God this continues....

Dr. Mike
Practicing Ophthalmologist

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May 13, 2017
Gout on knee
by: Anonymous

I'm browsing the web now looking for natural gout remedies. Last night I drank a tablespoon full of Braggs ACV diluted in 1 glass of water. As you can see in the photo of my knee (see following link), it is still a bit swollen and my entire lag hurts when I get up and walk or climb up or down the stairs. The reddish patch were caused by rubbing in several times a day of some medicated balm.
This morning I drank another dose of ACV. I hope symptoms and the uric acid crystals will fast disappear.

Jun 22, 2011
Mike's experiment
by: Terri

I did a similar thing, but I "binged" off my diet. I've been trying to get back to normal ever since. Aspartame contributed I think to my acidic condition. I had an 18oz Tbone steak in three days along with some fried chips. This morning I felt the worst and so I juiced broccoli, carrots, ginger, and an apple and had a hard boiled egg for breakfast and then had boiled mushrooms/onion/broccoli/sweet potatoe with 3 oz spam and a banana for lunch. I also put juice of half a lemon in each of my two bottles of 1 ltr bottles of try to get my acidity down (along with ACV after breakfast).

I am feeling foot (arch) was feeling a little "broken" for the past few days and I was icing it.

I had a massage on Sunday and my feet were massaged..I have found that massaging the feet contributes to gout. (darn it!)

I have found that I CANNOT vary far from a good diet or I will be right back to having acidity and pain in my foot.

Good luck, Mike.

Jun 21, 2011
Gout attack...
by: Dr. Mike

Dear Readers...
So, as any curious doctor would...I decided to test the limits of Apple Cider cure....How? Three days of continous feasting on food which were all gout rich!!! Day 1...calamares, bar b que, etc. Day 2...roast suckling pig, wine and scotch, lasanga, steak Day 3...Peking duck...shrimps...chinese food Day 4... chicken bbque, peanuts...garlic fried rice......Day 5 silence! no attack....Day 6 GOUT ATTACK~~~~ my right knee started to hurt and swell OWWW...I deserve this.....will tell you how I cured it in 6 hours my next post...

Jun 17, 2011
Dr. Mike
by: Terri***

Oops...typo on my name LOL...It's Terri :)...take care.

Jun 17, 2011
Dr. Mike
by: Terru

Wow. What a long painful road it's been for you. Peter's website here is great. I guess there is no true way to rid yourself of the gout except for the apple cider vinegar, which I've been doing since January (after my first attack), but sometimes I get lazy and I don't do it 2 times a day after meals (and I'm away from home at work 6 days a week so preparing it for travel is a pain in the neck then in my big left toe!)....I'm glad you got some relief. It is a great testimonial. I had a second attack recently because of my laziness and off the diet bandwagon. It's depressing at times that you have to keep up such an approach to keep this thing at bay. I've lost 12 lbs and need to lose another 50-70 and hopefully then I can stop the high blood pressure meds (with the water pill) and get out of this danger zone and live a more normal life. I'm trying to do all the right things--exercising, dieting (with dietitian recommended diet)....and taking the apple cider vinegar.

I hope that the vinegar doesn't erode my teeth...I thought about that lately. I try not to let it sit in my mouth...Does anyone have an idea about this?

Take care Dr. Mike.


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