Athlete's feet and colloidal silver - not for gout

by casandra

As I listen to Dr Becks you tube videos I really believed all he had said.

So I bought all that was necessary to use his protocol under the believe that I was protecting my family if they got sick.

On a trip overseas I contracted athlete's feet. When at home I used colloidal silver to spray...wet...etc the sick feet, nothing happened.
So I wrote to the company who sells Dr Becks items and I was told that athletes feet virus was one of the most difficult to get rid off and CS would not do the job.
Needless to say that I was using the blood electrifier daily for many months under the believe that my body would be so rid of germs and viruses that I was not going to get sick.

All this was very disappointing and my "bubble" burst about believing in alternative medicine who it seems everybody got onto the new groovy train to make some money by false attributes of what they sell.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell my experience with Colloidal silver....blood electrification etc.

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