Avoid multigrain foods which caused my gout

by James
(Gastonia, NC)

I had not had gout in years. While on vacation, we bought some multigrain bread. Within a couple of days I had an attack of gout in toes on right foot. I narrowed it down to the bread because it was the only thing out of ordinary that I ate. It was great bread, but no more for me.
Here is my no-no list that may help others:
red meat (steak, but ground beef is no problem!)
certain hot spices (not sure which)
horse radish
cocktail sauce
instant coffee
sausage (especially at fast food places)

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Jul 16, 2019
Totally prevent gout!
by: Godwin

After suffering gout for the last 20 years and treating it with the usual anti inflammatory and cortisone tablets, I stumbled on a cure/prophylactic that out strips all else. The best part is that it is totally natural and works perfectly. The name is Renohelp. It allows me to eat and drink what I like, although gout never stopped me from doing that in the past. From Godwin. [email protected]

Jul 16, 2019
thanks James
by: Peter

Thanks for your suggestions James.
Its funny what can trigger your gout. I will keep an eye out of any gout attacks due to multigrain bread.

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