Cherry juice and Apple Cider Vinegar came to my rescue!

by Valerie

My beginning with gout started during a long recuperation from a foot fracture. It seemed like immobilization contributed to my bodies inability to deal with the purines effectively.
I am 56, female and I am active at work and play, walking 2-3 miles briskly at least four times a week, sometimes more. I am definitely not a couch potato or gamer as such but I do park at my laptop for an hour or two daily.
Stiffness in the fingers has been plaguing me for a while but the gout came in one finger one day after a larger than usual consumption of beer, for me that was three and three consecutive servings of beef. I don't eat pork so I knew it was the beef. I seem to be able to tolerate red wine in moderation. Beer not so much! I found this site and many other suggesting I try cherry juice and other remedies. It worked!
I have recently had a simultaneous flare up in the finger and ankle? It was next to severe but the treatment worked overnight and hasn't bothered me since.
The treatment isn't a license to consume these foods but it is a necessary remedy when I have been weak or making merry. I recommend it along with whatever else you can find that will help because drugs are not the answer. No sense whining about what we cannot eat or drink, there are hundreds of options of what we can have and I have found some. I have a lot of experience with this because I have food intolerances to wheat and dairy as well. Get educated. Get busy, drink water and change up your diet. But keep your remedies on hand when you fall off the wagon, and you will. Enjoy life pain free!

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Jan 22, 2018
Rogers failed gout treatment
by: Peter

Hi Roger,
perhaps you don't have gout but pseudogout?

Jan 08, 2018
Have tried Cherry juice and acv with mother to cure my gout.
by: Roger

Sorry but it doesn't work in all cases. I had taken cherry juice, ACV with mother and baking soda of almost a month in combo with an almost vegan diet. Didn't put a dent into my gout. I also have joint damage in that toe so I can get the gout due to that damage. My uric acid is normal and am not suppose to get gout. In my case colchicine was the only thing that controlled the inflamation.

Mar 12, 2015
to the new gout sufferer
by: Peter

I am sorry for your gout attacks and mos readers here know what pain you are in and how you are affected.
I Would suggest talking to your doctor and asking him/her if you can try cherry juice or powder.
Or even Apple cider vinegar ( organic with sediment at the bottom called mother ).
I also drink lots of water a day to flush my system.
Dramatic diet change can help also, like the 5-2 diet. Weight loss also can help if done slowly.

Read this site and look at how many people are finding natural cures which could aid your recovery. BUT YOU MUST TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT anything you take as i can affect the meds you are on and can affect your health.
Good luck and let us know how you go.

Mar 06, 2015
New to gout
by: Anonymous

Hi, my doctor had me on half a tablet of 100mg allopurinol for quite some time now.
I have been having gout symptoms gradually getting worse before I realized what actually was happening.
After the worst gout attack, keeping me from going to work, Im still trying to get movement in some of my joints to be able to go out and walk around doing my repping job.
Is there a special potion, I have been looking into what I can and cant eat and right now I would like a good nights sleep, help please

Mar 27, 2014
Cherry capsules
by: Jill P.

I have had gout 4 times in 10 month's found out about cherry capsule and take 2 capsules 3 times a day when I first notice the beginning tinge of gout in my feet. Then after 2 days of the cherry capsules I have at least 90% relief.

Mar 01, 2014
To add to the last Post on Cherry juice came to my rescue...
by: Valerie

Its been months since I commented on this site. I must say it disturbs me how many of you are all wrapped up in the symptom and don't seem at all interested in a solution that is non medicinal.
Why would you not at the very least try the natural remedies outlined in many of these submissions? Don't get me wrong, I am not anti- doctor for sure. They have been to my rescue many times. They simply can't always have your bodies best interest. They are taught to prescribe what works. And medications may do that. The doctors treat symptoms. If you are fortunate enough you may even have a doctor with a certain amount of nutritional education and he/she will prescribe a prevention diet. I believe we trust our medical community too much and doubt our own abilities to dig deep into our own health issues. In this case it is the cause of serious pain in various parts of our bodies that is commonly called gout.
We have a "wealth of health" knowledge at our finger tips and let me encourage you to let your fingers and your perfectly capable mind do the work that is needed to be on a natural path of recovery and coping with gout.
I am so very glad I found the answers so soon before my condition worsened. I was able to come out on top and now know what my food triggers are. I believe stress has a factor, but seriously, you must also take responsibility with your consumptions and you may always be at food's mercy concerning your condition. You choose : natural prevention, natural remedy or medication. But remember medications come with side effect that always lead to other health issues. Just saying.
I've read of some posters considering anti-depressants, others taking anti-inflammatories. Have you tried an alternative? I have and it does work! Give it an honest chance. Experiment with your body and find your triggers. Set your mind to it and you can do it today!

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