cider vinegar and rose hip flowers for gout

by Wilma
(Aylmer ontario)

I recently met a woman that had a green bruise on her right cheek.I asked her what happened and she said its there permanently. she was having tests done for lack of circulation on her right side but it was her feet that were so numb, she had no balance. I am a natural healer and I immediately went for her finger tips to check her meridian lines for blockage. not to my surprise at all did I find uric acid crystals at her finger tips. her small finger was so loaded with them she cried when I touched it. I am a investigator at heart and I got on the net to look up her ailments. I called her and asked if see would try cider vinegar to break up the crystals. she told me that a doctor that over prescribed antibiotics put her on the vinegar and ... I stopped her and finished her story by what I read. the cider attacked her uric crystals which threw dead cell toxins into her blood and her whole right side swelled, turned red and was hot.Yes she agreed that's what happened. she is so loaded with uric crystals that the breaking down stage from the cider attacked her body with toxic overload. we are now doing an external cleanse and starting with right cheek. this is a drainage point and every drain point on her right side is tender to touch. we are doing a castor pack for one hour and then applying castor with essential lemon oil drops that attack it through external method. Once we clear her drainage points I will try the other approach. cider vinegar boiled with a hand full of rosehip flowers will soak into the skin and break up crystals. remember that the disolving of the crystal does cause inflammation and is painful. I tried this potion and soaked my left hand in it for about an hour. the next day all my finger tips were extremely tender and swollen ...but now feel fantastic and no more crystals. uric acid isn't something to play around with for I read that a toxic overload can cause death. I will let you no the results of my toxic friends condition. please don't go full force on the cider vinegar without precautions. if you are on any prescriptions you should check that it doesn't interfere with any of your medication. Peace out

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Mar 12, 2015
cider and rosehip
by: wilma

I am so happy with my friend Rhondas uric acid results. The lymph runs up the body and dumps out approx. around the top of the breast area closer to the arm pit. I had her apply the castor pac to this area. She had a lot of lumps around this area and remember she had a green cheek for years. She did 2 one hour pacs and applied the rose hip and cider to her entire right side of body from feet, heals to her cheek. The next day she had great results. A green bruised cheek that she sported for years was gone. The lumps on her drainage point had become small nodes and she could feel her heels for the first time in 5 years. All the testing and drugs shes endured was cured by the love of a mere stranger. My instincts and self taught love for health led me to a miracle. My momma has what they call arthritis at 91 and I put a pac on her swollen knee that she cried over every day.She was givin painkillers every day to control the pain.Her crying broke my heart so I thought, What the hey. Cant hurt her. I wrapped paper towel one hand lenghth above and below her knee. 3 layers. then I wrapped saran wrap around it adding a fat strip of paper towel at the bottom end to catch any dripping. the saran covered the entire papertowel area. do not make it tighter that just wrapping it. Then I pulled a open stocking it all to hold it with comfort. I warmed up a half cup cider with the rosehip and opened up the top of her banding, stuck my fingers in to pull it open and I poured the warm cider all around the leg. the paper towel will absorb it and she could feel the warmth. She was able to add more cider daily and after 1.5 days she had no more pain. The doc came to see her swollen knee only to find that my mom was better than shes been in weeks. I will forever help her replace the pac every 4 days and make up this miraculous potion til the end of her days. Love my Momma.

Mar 12, 2015
fantstic infomation
by: Peter

Hi Wilma,

What an interesting story.
I too have used the Castor Oil packs and they work well.
I am intrigued by the end result and the journey to get there.
I wish you both well, and please keep us informed of everything.

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