Coconut water and alkaline water can help with gout.

by Adrian Alan Bullock
(Trinidad and Tobago)

One time, I had a gout attack in my left knee and it wasn't pretty. The pain was so unbearable that I had trouble falling asleep. I couldn't even walk properly, let alone use the bathroom and come for meals, and had to rest my leg, even elevate it, and it still hurts. Then one day, I heard that coconut water and alkaline water can help reduce the swelling of the gout. Apparently, it's not just water that can help flush out the excess purines from your body. Coconut and alkaline water can help neutralize some of the excess purines in your body at a time, hence reducing the swelling and slowly easing the pain. Within a few days, the gout attack was gone and my knee was feeling better. i still have to watch my diet, though. you never know how much purines there are in your favorite foods.

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