Cure Gout by balancing your PH levels

by CJ

I have suffered from gout since I was 30 years old. Having lived with gout for 20 years, I have needless to say, considered each and every cure ever suggested for the gout. I have never sustained any consistent success with any one remedy. My gout is normally spawned from stress. Over time I have been amazed with the number of foods that are on my no fly list. The gout has kept me from being active and of course that has lead to weight gain. We all know as we get older that we will not be able to avoid decreased activity and increased weight gain, all friends of the gout. Within the last year I stumbled upon a research article discussing joint diseases. It focused on the importance to balance the bodies PH level. I invested in PH strips and check my PH 3 times a day. When my PH becomes too acidic or approaches levels below 7.5 I take steps to raise my PH number based on my intake of certain foods. It turns out that a lemon a day may be able to keep the gout away. I try and keep my PH at 8 or above and so far so good. Celery, Cucumber, Lemons and especially Cantelope have worked very well for me during minor to severe flair ups. I've managed to avoid taking my gout meds as well, and I do feel better as a result. I tried super charging my PH level by using a product that tries to re-alkalize my PH with high doses of green barley. There are many on the market. Again, so far, so good. If you avoid the bad, take in the good and hydrate, you can manage and all but defeat gout in my opinion. 2 years ago, I was able to drop 25 pounds and I sustained that weight for a year. During that time, I didn't have a single gout attack, not one. I have regained that weight, have endured some personal issues which have raised my stress level and I became a gout machine once again. This PH approach has allowed me to take some control during a difficult period of my life and has allowed me to not increase the stress that I already have by minimlizing the stress that gout attacks cause me as well. It is a catch-22 situation. It doesn't feel good to be laid up on the couch for a day or days with the gout. You don't have to. Peace - CJ

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Feb 11, 2021
Raising PH Levels
by: Anonymous

We are currently trying Tri-Salts by Ecological Formulas to raise my boyfriends PH levels. It is calcium, magnesium and potassium. He just has been through the very most severe gout attack after surgery. Horrific. The Tri-Salts seem to be helping. We have started slowly with 1/4 teaspoon once a day for 2 days then increased that to twice a day yesterday. He started being able to stand and walk with crutches yesterday! We will keep slowly increasing and see how it goes. He has also been eating more vegetables which increase PH levels also. And doing positive visualizations. I hope this helps!

Apr 14, 2017
Heavy foods
by: Vinh pharmacist

-chinese foods roasted pork duck chicken
-stress - heavy load/travel
Caused gout attacks.

Mar 09, 2016
by: Anonymous

My experience that there is a trigger and you have to find out for yourself,its different for everybody.
Uric acid and ph should be in normal range a little bit over is no problem.
I have an attack and after that I eat whatever I want absolute anything, nothing for month up to two years and suddenly boom a new attack.
So for me there must be a specific trigger otherwise you wouldnt survive month years without an attack.
Is this trigger for all people the same or different for everyone ?
So it would be great if we could open here a trigger site,where everybody could write down what he believes was the reason for the last attack.
If many many people do so maybe we can find similarities maybe we can come closer and closer.
My last trigger,in my opinion was
Xyliyhol,I used two tbl spoons
For sweetening and hours later it started my gout.
Since this time I avoid it even chewin g gums.

Aug 31, 2011
thank u - Ph Balance any suggestions?
by: Anonymous

Thank you for this wonderful message that ive read.My father in law are suffering from gout. He can walk alone,his knees,elbow,toe are really affected.I read different articles,different home remedies about gout,because i don't want to give him a non herbal medicine.Its hard for me to get his ph balance.can u help me?

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