Cured Athletes Foot and Dandruff

by William
(Noraville, N.S.W. Australia)

I had a topical ointment to treat Athletes Foot but it never went away completely until I ran out of the ointment one day and went looking for something to burn the damn itching. There was no alcohol strong enough in the house at the time so I thought maybe apple cider vinegar might do the trick - the only vinegar I use in cooking. It burned like a bitch but there was immediate relief, about two months afterwards it went away and never returned.

When I turned thirty my scalp started to produce large amounts of dandruff and my hairline started to recede dramatically. I saw a dermatologist and she said I had a type of dermatitis that caused excessive dandruff, the hair loss was just male pattern baldness sped up with the dermo. I was given a prescription for a special shampoo and conditioner but it only kept it at bay. Again, one day I ran out of my special shampoo and I thought, since the foot fungus went using cider vinegar, my dandruff might also be effected. Well, even with my eyes closed I still managed to get some in my eyes, the sting was worse than the foot burn but it worked magnificently. I used a shampoo and conditioner afterwards though - the cider vinegar strips the oil out of your hair leaving it dry; eventually I started using olive oil as a moisturiser when my one-a-week cider dandruff treatment was applied. After a while the dandruff (dermatitis) went away, something the dermatologist said wouldn't happen. Oh, and my hair grew back too - I'm fifty-five now and I'm not bald except for a tiny spot on the top of my noggin. I'm so old now that I couldn't care less whether I looked like a bowling ball or a shiny egg to tell the truth, but, I squat 176 kilos and I only weigh 70 kilos so I'm more than just fit. That could be the cider vinegar, or, it might be a bunch of stuff I combine it with too, like body building, a mostly seafood and vegetable diet, and keeping away from nasty substances, mostly the chemical pollution we all swim in.

By the way, I used straight cider vinegar as a soaking agent - in case I didn't make that clear earlier. Shut your eyes tight if you pour it over your head, and remain close to the shower nozzle in case you need to flush your eyes out quickly.

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Jun 10, 2012
ACV for everything
by: Peter

Great story William. I like Noraville it is a nice place.
It seems like ACV seems to have many many benefits.

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