Diagnosis of Gout

by Cara

Hi there. So last week I dropped a potato on my toe and didn’t think much of it, at the weekend I noticed a pain in the same toe but was able to walk on it and did not feel the need to take painkillers as the pain was bareable.

On the monday, I woke up and realised the pain was slightly worse and I had to walk wiithout putting my toe directly on the ground to prevent the pain. I arranged an appointment at the go surgery - nurse practitioner looked at it and said it doesn’t appear to be gout. That night, I experienced sharp pain in my toe and ended up going through to urgent care at 3am. It was painful however my partner was able to touch it, it didn’t feel hot it was just red and painful. The gp diagnosed this as gout and gave me codiene and naproxen. I took the Codiene that night but was unable to take naproxen as I had already took ibropfren. By the Tuesday morning I was able to walk no problem, no pain just still slightly swollen
I’m going to the gp tomorrow for blood tests to confirm that it is gout.
Does this experience match up with symptoms of others? I’ve only really experienced bad pain for 1 day and I’m started to think I’ve been misdiagnosed.
Also I’m 27, female, healthy weight which after reading up seems uncommon. Do I ask the gp to test for other conditions like diabetes/ kidney problems as I know these can link in with Gout. Thanks, Cara

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