I had an attack of gout in my big toe. The doctor I seen gave me pills to take that did not help. Two weeks passed, when I seen another doctor who gave me a shot in the toe which got rid of it. Ever since that gout attack, I have had tingling and burning in both the balls of my feet that never seems to go away even after rest. I never had this until I had that gout attack, I have had blood tests, and sugar is fine. Had a regular exray a few times that don't show anything wrong. It is driving me crazy. Tried Lyrica, only for a week because I had a reaction to it. It actually made my feet sweell, so I stopped it. I am in good health other than this, now I am thinking I have some kind of blood disease that causes this feeling in my feet. I have no numbness, and sometimes I feel like I'm walking on a stone and it is tender when I push on it.
I have no clue, and the four different foot doctors I've seen don't seem to have a clue either other than to ask me if I'm diabetic, which I'm not

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May 30, 2011
by: Terri

It's funny how the doctors have no clue.

My first attack was following and possible parallel to the foot infection I had following a cruise--Yes lots of rich delicious foods. I don't drink alcohol so it's not from that. Proteins cause high uric acid levels....eating larger than normal portions and also eating yeast filled breads.

I found this website immediately upon suspecting gout. I knew before the doctors because of this site!

Apple cider vineger (cocktail as outlined in this website), 2 liters of water/day, eating correct portions (seeing a dietitian to know how much you should be eating in order to lose weight) helps.

Indocin (anti-inflammatory) and Tramadol (pain med) help. I don't take these unless I have to, as I don't like how I feel on them but I can't take the intense pain without them either! I also was put on a 6 day steroid pack. It was very hard to work on the steroids--it stresses your body but it does take care of the intense swelling.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables (my dietitian told me to eat 1/2 cup of fruit/meal and 1 cup of veggies lunch/dinner). Only eat 2-3 oz of protein per meal. Starches - 1 cup rice/meal. I try not to eat breads with yeast. Normally I love bread but now I'm trying not to eat bread. :(.

Exercise to help you lose weight. She told me to exercise 1 hr/day.

That's about it. It's hard to know what foods to eat. Sometimes it seems everything is bad for you. Just try moderation and keep diligently with the water and apple cider vinegar cocktail.

No fried foods/shellfish/beef/pork...

Take care.

May 27, 2011
No coincidence
by: Anonymous

I'm no expert, but it is no coincidence that your trouble started shortly after an episode of gout.

I should imagine that due to the gout pain, you changed the way that you walk, and this in turn has strained little used muscles in your feet.

Perhaps a visit to a physiotherapist would help, they can tell which muscles are in spasm and fix them. Otherwise, ice and rest and I'm sure you'll be fine.

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