GMO food responsible for my attacks and trying apple cider vinegar

by Rockman

I am 56 years old and been suffering with gout for about 20 years off and on. I have been reluctant to get on the Allopurinol band wagon for life and have mostly been controlling my gout with diet with fairly good results having sporadic attacks here and there.

Recently my gout became chronic for about three months, recurring a few days after it had cleared. Tuned out I had a parasite infection in the joint and this was the main issue.

A very tricky situation as it mimicked gout like its twin brother, but eventually it got so bad I needed to look a bit deeper at what was going on and figured this out after much research on the net and took care of it accordingly.

This is what got me looking for a natural solution for dealing with what I thought was chronic gout attacks and I found this site. I have been drinking ACV for about 3 weeks now, but the one thing I have noticed is that the raisin sized tophi deposit I have had for about 15 years on my right hand middle finger is now half the size in three weeks. Something powerful going on there!!

As for GMO food, through careful monitoring of my food intake over the years, this is what I discovered to be the primary cause of my gout attacks.

I figured that I would share this info as we need to figure this stuff out on our own as the powers that be will not tell us the truth about the poison they are feeding us.

For all of you out there that are having gout attacks and cant figure out what is causing them if you are not eating or drinking the traditional gout triggers, then you should look at your diet in this way.

Does it include anything with soy, corn, rice, and any of the cheap cooking oils besides olive or coconut oil? All proceed foods including potato chips, cashews, peanuts, and anything where GMO oil and GMO products are being added or used are suspect. Could even be weat, flour based things, the hops in your beer as it all has been corrupted.

Before you ingest anything, check it out thoroughly and remove the GMO poison from your diet. This may help.

Good Luck out there

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