by Frank
(Stuart, Fl, USA)

I have had gout for over 30 years, with 8-10 attacks per year. This last summer I was able to get fresh bing cherries for a four month period and made sure I ate at least 25 a day. I never had a gout attack and now that the bing growing season is over I am eating about 25 dried bing cherries two to three times a week. I have been doing this for over two months with no attacks. I tried cherry juice but a doctor said that "cherry juice will not prevent gout" and he was right as it made no difference in the number of attacks I had per year.

After all these years I can tell when a gout attack is coming and take two .6 colchicine tablets, one right away and the other an hour later. When I do this 95% of the time I will not get the gout. The few times that i will get the gout I take five .6 colchicine tablets, one every hour for five hours. Then also take two 75 Mg indomethacin per day, with 12 hour intervals for three to four days at the most. Normally I get relief in one or two days.

Hope this helps someone.


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Jun 20, 2013
My experience and Cure for Gout
by: Byron

I have had my first gout attack like 4 months ago. I thought it was many different things. So i called family members to see if any other men in family had gout. I found out that others did.After my research and what my family told me they use to do i came up with a solution.If i feel a gout attack coming on i take a quarter cup of fresh lemon juice and put an 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda in it. Have it in a bigger cup because it will foam up a little bit. Then i mix it with about a half of a cup of Home juiced and pasturized cherry juice.. Ill mix all that with 8 ounces of water . I take a 800mg motrin and drink down my juice mix. In 3 hours or less the pain starts to go away and in 5 hours ByeBye attack. If you have gout you have to think ahead. When fresh cherries are in season you gotta go out and buy 40 or 50 pounds to juice.. In a VitaMix blender on slow speed if you fill with cherries and then put 1/4 full of water in blender let run for 3 minutes on slow speed. every cherry will be removed from seed and juiced. Dump juice through a strainer in to a big pot..Once all cherries are juiced and in pot bring up to 175-180 degrees for 20 minutes on stove top. Put lid on pot and let cool to room temperature. Then i pour through a funnel into empty Crystal Geyser bottles i've saved for this. I get about 30 bottles full and then put in freezer. Fill 1.5 inches from top of bottle and crack lid a little so air can get out while freezing. Once frozen tighten up lids. Now you have Fresh Pasturized Cherry Juice all year or 2 years for when you have a Gout break out.. Ive only had gout for 4 months and it was so bad the first time that i am prepared to fight it now for another year..At this time of year in China Town in San Francisco Ca, You can get cherries for $.99 cents a pound. I got 50 pounds for less than 50 dollars. In my town cherries are 4.99 a pound. It was worth the 30 minute drive. Plus china town is fun.. Hope this Helped anyone that wants to plan ahead so a gout attack can be stopped before it gets to painful..

Aug 02, 2011
Gout and Cherries
by: Jeff

I have had Gout attacks before myself, Only 3 times so far. It normaly comes on once a year and the pain is more than I would like to deal with.
I have heard about Cherry Juice and eating Bing Cherries. I eat as many Bing Cherries as I can get my hands on not only for gout reasons but also because there so good.
I have been drinking Pure Cherrie Juice and not only has this kept me from getting Gout attacks but it has also solved my problems with Heartburn. Anyone else out there found relief from Cherries ?

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