Gout and stress

by Brett
(World Traveller)

Hey all

the reason i found this site is that i am looking into the relationship between attacks and stress levels.
I have been suffering for 12yrs now (had my first attack at 24!) and have tried most of the things everyone recommends and am yet to get my attacks down to less than 5 a yr.
My most recent was 4 days b4 Xmas and was in my knee which was a first for me but the most painful i have ever had. Ever seen a grown man cry for 5 days!?

The more i think about my attacks they all seem to relate to a stressful period in my life for eg. moving house, new job(a few of which i have lost due to time off), money issues, lack of sleep and this Xmas i was spending with my new partners family in her home country, which was a very stressful, but good!!

I am really surprised that on nearly all websites about gout that stress is hardly mentioned at all.

I would be really interested to hear from anyone else who may feel this way or is treating their gout with meditation for example to reduce stress levels.

Im yet to find my secret cure but hope it may be a simple as learning to "chill out"

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Mar 15, 2010
stress hurts
by: Anonymous

I also noticed that many of my gout flare ups have been when I'm under more stress than normal. That is how I found your article on-line. I have never read anything before about stress causing gout attacks and thought maybe I was just crazy. As of this point, I haven't been able to find a natural or over the counter relief for gout pain. I've tried dark cherry juice. It didn't help, just made me want to put vodka in it (which I didn't do because of the effects of alcohol and gout).

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