Gout attacks a Minnesota Karate Man!!!

by Ron Schultz
(Medina, MN, USA)

Hello, my name is a Ron and I have gout! Seems like I just went to a AA meeting. I have been suffering with Gout for about 6 years maybe longer because it seems that doctors pick that as the last thing to check for. Anyhow, I found out after my third attack that I had gout. Then it moved to my knees recently. I did not know you could get it in your knees. I went to the Tria clinic and they did x rays, and a MRI to see what was wrong with my knees. They said maybe we should do surgury since we really can't see whats going on in there, sometimes you can see better once you get in. YIKES!!

Anyhow, I ended up going to park nicolett and a older doctor there said I think you might be having a gout incedent. I said how can that be I don't feel it in my big toe. He told me that you won't always have an attack in your toe before hitting other places in your body. So he pulled fluid off my knee and had it tested and voila!!! There were uric acid crystals in the fluid on my knee. Up till this point I have been bombarding my gout with cheery juice and water whenever I felt an attack coming on and it was working. This time I did not know that I was under attack (2 months 2 weeks was how long the attack lasted). I practice Karate and thought my knees were messed up.

One of my coworkers googled gout attacks and found your site with the apple cider vinegar treatment. He forwarded me the info and I checked it out. I have been taking the treatment for the past 1.5 months and I feel great!!! I changed your formula just a bit. I just do the vinegar and add one tablespoon of Cheery juice to about 4-5 ounces of water twice a day. I will most likely drop my dose to once a day soon.
Thanks for the information!!

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