Gout attacks numbness

by Joel
(Illinois USA )

I am in my 40's male and have been plagued with gout pain in my foot ankle and knee on and off for nearly 5 months. The first sign of gout I experienced was tophi on my ears they developed from what I can remember at least 3 years ago, I ignored these small white bumps until last year when I decided to google the (bumps) and found they resembled tophi. I mentioned this to family and friends they all thought I was crazy "gout affects the big toe" the all said. I should have gone to a doctor right away because now I have been dealing with pain and other symptoms that I can only assume are associated with long term high uric acid levels that caused subtle and nearly painless symptoms until 5 months ago then wham!!! pain in my foot that spread to the ankle then to the knee. The swelling was bad and the pain was almost unbearable. The Doctor put me on coltracine and allopurinol and steroids for swelling. The symptoms seems to get better but other symptoms appeared blurred vision numbness and tingling in the arms and legs and sometimes around the lips. the Doctor reduced then stopped the coltracine thinking it may be the cause of the numbness. Unfortunately those symptoms are still present and the pain and swelling in the leg has been better on and off but it never has gone away completely. currently I am taking allopurinol and my uric acid levels are down to 5.4. I am hoping that with continued use of allopurinol I will get the levels down and the symptoms will eventually go away. I feel as though the pain and swelling could flair at any moment. Does anyone have numbness in the extremities? or blurred vision?

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Nov 20, 2018
1st experience with gout
by: Anonymous

Hi I've been down for 2 weeks I think due to gout. I have severe pain in the ankles followed by radiating pain underneath the shins and tingling/heat/ numbness in calves. I also have the same sensation in both wrists. What leads me to believe it's gout for sure is that I've had kidney sstones in the past and have wondered if this is just another way my body has chosen to release the uric acid. Anyway I eliminated all meat protein, started juicing: 2 carrots, 2 apples, 2 celery sticks, 1/4 cabbage and 2 cloves raw garlic. In addition I'm drinking 1 cup of water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Outside of this I'll be eating grapes, tangerines and green salads. I'm not sure at this point whether to eliminate coffee or not. After 1 day already feeling like joints are more fluid and reduced symptoms are showing. As a side note I noticed also my calves and leg muscles tension is not there along with swelling in the lower chest cavity. Will update on how long untill a full recovery is realized.

Jul 15, 2018
re Gout Comments from Debra C
by: Peter

Hi Debra,
Gout can occur at any time. Women suffer gout generally after menopause. Whilst men can get it from an early age.
Being a form of Arthritis, attacks can be from diet, stress, & alcohol.
It is important to get a blood test to check your Uric acid levels, you must also look at your diet for any food or drink containing high purine levels.
Losing a lot of weight can also trigger it.
Make sure you have plenty of water and look through this site for other gout fighting methods.
You can control it, it just takes time an effort and learning about what triggers your gout. You will come to feel it start to tingle in your toes so You can try and reduce the attack immediately before it actually strikes.
it is a long learning curve. If you do take meds then check out the long term side effects they have on your body, all Gout medicine has bad long side effects that are not pretty. Good luck with it and please write in to let us all know how you go.

Jun 13, 2018
1st experience with Gout
by: Debra C

I’m delighted I found your site. I had never heard of Gout until last week when I was in the most debilitating pain ever! 3 visits, ER (Urgent) care, etc. I couldn’t walk, stand or work! I had blood work done and my levels were off the charts! I had foot surgery 2 years ago, once it healed I had numbness L. Big toe, I already have nerve damage. RLS as well. Had to take 5 days off at a job I had only been at 4 weeks. Was I upset!! Finally prescribed Prednisone and that help. Going for allpurinol Thursday. How often does this occur? Thanks for your site!!

Nov 06, 2015
Good post on Gout
by: Gout sufferer

The post is absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need!

Feb 15, 2015
try eliminating animal protein from your diet to treat gout
by: Anonymous

I had similar symptoms - unbearable gout pain in big toe, foot bones and ankle, simply terrible, In addition to medication, my urologist suggested I eliminate or reduce animal proteins by 90%. It took about two months, but I have been gout free for 2-years now - its darn difficult to give up meat but it has worked for me.

Feb 15, 2015
numbness caused by gout
by: Peter

Hi Joel,

I know where you are coming from mate.
I had swelling on my shins and they were completely numb. I could push my thumb into this area and a dent would stay there for 10 minutes, and no feeling what so ever.
I would like to know what your diet is? Have you changed it and reduced alcohol,red meat, shell fish etc?

If not go to this link

It works on gout but it like all drugs there can be ramifications.
I would be talking to your doctor about blurred vision? it may be something else entirely.

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