Gout has Ruled my life and the Life of two of my Brothers Since our 'Forties'

by Michael Long
(Brisbane, Australia)

Hi Peter, you Legend,

Hey, I know that I have written this story once, but I needed to report back after using Organic "Mother" Apple Cider Vinegar and Cherry Juice concentrate in both nutrient pill and preserved cherry form. My Goodness Me! I was so sceptical, but it only took four days, after six and a half weeks in hospital for my very severe gout to start to dissipate. My brothers and I have had bad, and I mean really, really bad gout since we all hit our 40s. And by bad, I mean horrific!

Ever had to crawl to the toilet and back on your knees? We don't just get it in our big toes or feet, but in our knees, and in my case, my hips, hands, soft arm tissues, shoulders and neck and in both elbows to the point where they are mal-formed.

The first time I got it in my foot, I went to a very well-known "good" doctor who told me that I had been bitten several times by a red-back spider or for foreigners a "black widow spider". Then, after a bad gastric, dehydrating bug, I ended up in hospital with blood poisoning. Both of my legs swelled up so badly that I could not walk on them and was escorted to the shower and toilet or taken around by wheel-chair. As I've previously stated an "Orthopedic Specialist" examined me and said if the leg swelling was gout, that he'd eat his hat. Well it was gout, but, naturally, the specialist did not eat his hat!

The gout got worse over time, especially in air-conditioned, de-hydrating or any other stress-related circumstances, such as being admitted to hospital. Not being able to take Colchacine because it made me "very, very sick", quite badly, at both ends, my doctor could only prescribe Indomethecin or pure codeine. I have been on 300 mg of Allipurinol since it was introduced into Australia, yet the gout still broke through.

Unfortunately, the NSAI, Indomethecin, was throwing my kidney function out very badly, so the doctors, mostly not understanding the pain of gout, took me off the Drug. Sleeping became a major problem, due to the pain. After my gastric bug and swollen legs they gave mr Prednisone for two months, which was a wonderful drug, although I was tapered off it slowly. Unfortunately, it's side-effect was to cause Stage 5 avascular necrosis in both upper hips or femurs, resulting in double hip replacements in my early '40's.

My brothers have suffered different, but equally bad side-effects from gout. I have now spread the word about Apple Cider Vinegar, Cherry Concentrate and Flax seed oil, all of which have worked wonders in a very short period with no side-effects. Oh Peter, mate, I wish that I had discovered your website years ago. I'm no idiot, having a Bachelor of Biological Sciences with honours and a Bachelor or Education, teaching Biology for nearly 30 years and always keeping my knowledge current.

Wow! Who could have guessed that such a simple solutions could have cured such a desperately painful condition. Keep putting the word out Peter. Good on you mate! So many desperate sufferers need to hear this great news! Good work mate! Thanks so, so much! Michael.

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Dec 08, 2014
reply to the gout sufferer lady
by: Peter

Hi there, Im sorry to hear about your Gout and operation.
I am not a doctor so therefore I cannot give out medical advice.
What I can suggest it asking the doctor what the side effects are with the medicine they have prescribed. You can also google side effects ( medicine ) to look at what can be a long term side effect from the medicine.
Obviously at your age you should not be trying to mix herbal medicines or alternative medicines with the meds you are on as this can cause major health issues.
I would suggest ( suggest only ) to ask your doctor if you can take small amounts of Apple Cider Vinegar ( on my site 2nd top left item to click ) and see if you can use this with your prescription. But only do this if the doctor says it is ok to do as ACV can burn and cause other side effects.
Look at drinking lots of water to flush your system and gout out. Ask your doctor if you can take celery seed tea or lemon grass teas while taking your medicine as these two have have inflammatory and other health benefits against Gout. Also ask your doctor if you can take small amounts of Vitamin C ( 500ml ) per day to keep your immune system healthy. Or a strong multi vitamin.
But I stress ask your doctor first for their advice before taking anything at all. Many people just take what ever they want without thinking of the ramification of mixing drugs and other medicinal concoctions with fatal results.
Please let the readers of this website know of your outcome.

Dec 08, 2014
Severe pain with Gout and terrible itch on Ankles
by: Anonymous

I am an 80 year old lady who just had an Operation to remove a very big Staghorn from my left Kidney. They could not get it all out,and now I suffer from severe Gout Pain in my left leg and knee.I also developed a terrible itch around my Ankles. The pain and the itch is terrible,and I am now on preventative tablets9one a day) without any result. The pain is so bad, I am going crazy.
Can you help?

Sep 15, 2014
Gout being cured
by: Peter

Hi Michael,
'so many fellow Aussies writing on the site in the last few days, its amazing.

Just be careful of Taking ACV wit any other drugs as it can affect your stomach when mixed with anything. Also look at Celery seed oil, as this is also great gout fighting material...

Please let our readers know how you are going in your gout fighting journey. With careful testing you should be able to control your gout.

All the best mate.

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