Gout in females

by Angel

I have been suffering with gout for the past few years and the pain is terrible. I usually get it in the arch of my left foot.

I tried taking meds daily to keep flare ups from happening but the meds were expensive and I still got a flair up.

Today I mainly try to watch what I eat but it always comes back with a vengeance!

I lay hear in bed now with my foot out of the blanket. Just started another medroll pack. Should be walking again in a few days.

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Apr 03, 2011
Apple Cider Vinegar
by: Terri

Apple cider vinegar (as Peter has outlined in his website here) is the thing I am counting on and am using. 1TB Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, 1TB organic honey, and 1TB distilled water, mixed and taken after two meals a day. It keeps your uric acid level down.

I'm waiting to buy litmus paper (after I get the $) in order to check my levels. There is a book on amazon.com about alkalinity and acidity of foods but also a website with a more thorough food list available.

I haven't been on any gout meds except for the initial attack--indomethacin, tramadol, steroid pack.

I don't drink, haven't eaten beef sinc Jan 2011 but still feel I'm on the edge and have stopped the attack by: taking indomethacin if I feel it coming on, and by taking the ACV cocktail. I do not want to be on any prescription meds for longterm gout. I've also gone to a registered dietitian, who put me on a 1600 cal diet and told me to exercise 1 hr/day. I've lost 12 lbs. I need to lose 60-80 LOL. Once I get that weight off I'm hoping I'll be in a SAFE ZONE and won't have this problem....I may still continue the ACV for life. It is suppose to be real healthy for you...cleans your arteries too. Go to www.bragg.com and check it out.

Apr 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hey guys I am the Ultimate Guinea pig when it comes to gout flares. Trust me I personally have
tried the best of cherry extracts in liquid form
and capsules. And I am sure that the chery thing
helps. But for me I swear on Strawberries. 4-6
a day for several days. Then maybe lay off a day or two. Or not. But I know Strawberries combined with Banana's is extremely helpfull. What is strange with me is that when I am extremely stressed my feet get cold and BAM! The gout settles in. It does not get my big toe but rather
directly under the ankle and along the perimeter of the foot. It cripples me so badly that crawling is my only means of transportation. Then
it travels from one foot to another. The baking soda thing never helped! Colchicine helped greatly
and so did Prednisone. NSAID'S did nothing for me.
My feeling has always been that Beer is like no big deal I mean its Beer not Hard Alcohol that sticks. But I have since learned that not only Beer is high in purines it has a particular toxin
in it that creates a problem. I know how ridiculous give up something you look forward to in the evening that seems so harmless. But Beer and then a few cigarettes and then that great dinner of mashed potatoes and lots of gravy with whatever meat is a recipe for disaster. PTB

Apr 02, 2011
Gout in the arch of foot
by: Aaron

Hi angel i suffer gout aswel not in the arch, i could imagine how painful that is. I get an attack in my feet that hits me with a vengance. Almost crippling, im walking normal now the days the gout subsides and im pain free. I never take for granted. I do have the worry when's the uric acid going to build up. Hope you feel better soon

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