Gout in the spine

by Leslie

HI, just 3 weeks ago I had a second surgery at T-6-7 in my upper back. I was having burning and aching, some stinging also. I tried to talk myself into the thought that maybe I was just not sitting up properly etc. Or that driving my lawn tractor was the problem. I argued with myself for 8 months! ( have had 5 other serious spine surgeries so was very upset to think I would need another) The pain wasn't constant but by the end of the day I couldn't do anything but go to bed. ( since I have other spine problems I sleep in a hospital bed with a temperpedic mattress) Anyway, since I had surgery in 07 for "gout" ( my doctor said he didn't know what it was but it resembled gout)which had caused severe pinching of the nerve going to my chest wall.After the surgery that year, my spine surgeon told me the "stuff" was pasty and had little chunks of calcium.

Back to this time. He said he had to remove the entire facet joint and this surgery took over 3 hours (same as last time) .My doctor had me try other things before he would agree to operate. But he told me he was so sorry the next day. He said this didn't show up on the CT at all so he was afraid opening me up wouldn't help.(He even told my husband and I right before I was taken to the OR that he felt he was being pushed into this!) I told him I felt vidicated and he said I had ever right to be! LOL He seems to feel he got it all but I am afraid this is going to keep reacurring! I am still recovering from the surgery so I have met my limit at the computer, sadly it doesn't take long, however, I have ever hope that it it will work as well as it did last time and I have to be patient.

I would to hear from anyone else who has had this type of problem in the spine.

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Dec 21, 2011
Gout in L5/S1!
by: Michael Schwartz

I am a 39 year old man who is in perfect health, except I have gout. I don't drink alcohol, but I use to consume massive amounts of protein for weigh lifting. When I was 30 I had a fractured back which needed surgery. The surgeon was baffled when he found massive amounts of gout rotting my disc and causing tremendous pain. Since then I have had both my elbow drained of gout as well. However, now my uric acid level is a normal 2.5 down from 14.5! Mostly it's due to a reduced protein diet and taking Uloric. It's expensive, but being able to walk is worth every penny. I tried everything else, water, black berry extract, etc...get Uloric...it works! Good luck and I hope you're doing better.

May 04, 2011
Gout in the Spine
by: Terri

Hi Leslie, I'm sorry to hear of all your spinal surgeries and pain. It's not fair! What are you taking for gout? I swear by Peter's Apple Cider Vinegar coctail. It's helping me to keep gout away. It keeps your acid level down. Take care. Terri

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