Gout of the Thumb Joint and Knee.

by Barbara Elliott
(St. Robert Mo.)

I am an older female who over a year ago was treated for gout in my right thumb. Some people couldn't believe me when I stated that the pain was so unbearable that I was unable to work. I could not bear to have the thumb touched in any way and sought treatment for it. I even ran a fever.

More recently; my eldest son was traveling from Arizona to Arkansas to take his young daughter home and was struck once again with gout; this time, in his left knee. He stopped at a V.A. hospital in Dallas on his way back home from Arkansas and they were unable to get him in for help. The trip took longer than expected due to stops because the pressure of the pick-up seat next to the bend of the knee was so unbearable. (his knee down was swollen). He had moments when he was unable to walk. When he arrived back in Tucson; he went to the V.A. hospital there and they know my son's gout history and after x-rays and testing for the 'uric acid' in his system; they told him that his was one of the worst cases they had seen in awhile, including 'his' own previous hospital visits for gout in the toe and ankle. They placed him on a more recent gout med and his job, knowing how my son has tried to 'work' with the ankle gout, informed him that he could not return to work until the gout was gone because of liability issues.

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Apr 22, 2014
Remedy for gout
by: Anonymous

My wife had gout in her big toe. She drank cherry juice and ate dried cherries.(the dried cherries can be purchased at Costco) She had relief in three days!

Jul 11, 2011
by: Terri

I'm glad you found this website. I hope that you find some helpful information here, like I did. Gout is horrible. I'm sorry to hear about your gout and your son's horrible gout. I can't imagine it in my knee and with all that swelling, just horrible. Indomethacine has helped my gout and stopped it from going full blown another time. I first had gout in Jan, 2011. Worst pain in the world.

Have you considered trying the apple cider vinegar (plus distilled water & organic honey) concoction twice daily after meals? I've been doing it along with drinking 2 liters water/day and not eating shellfish or beef (I don't drink alcohol--stopped 5 yrs ago). I'm trying to lose 60-80 lbs (per dietitian) and I'm eating more fruits and vegies.

Good luck to you both. Terri

Jul 11, 2011
change in medicine
by: Greg from Calif

I hope you and your son are doing better. I'm wondering if you could share what medicine your son was on, what it was changed to and if the change in meds has helped. I'm in the midst of the worst gout attack of my life; 21 days and counting. It is a bit better since I changed medicine, I'll provide a med update once I get through it and can better assess the results.

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