Gout Pain and Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout

by Julie
(Tampa Florida)

Last year I had 8 gout attacks from March until June.The pain was definitely a cry out to Jesus and landed me in a wheelchair twice and on crutches twice. I was trying to treat it myself with herbs and I had the right ones but most herbs are minimal in dosage and I am not a chemist so I would not go overboard nor know how to so I wound up taking Probencid and Llavaza which is fish oil. my uric acid originally was over 8 and after taking the meds it came down to 5.5. I got sloppy about taking the meds and it went up to 7 and Im due for a checkup Oct 27.

I of course want to get rid of the gout period.
Also the gout diet is like eat nothing and don't lose weight fast but take it off. Really.
I have done much research for others through the years and I find that if you do not know DAILY why you are taking something you will easily slip away and not take it. So I'm trying and Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar removes acid crystals in the body so today I found your web and I am so grateful. I will begin this today.

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Dec 02, 2008
get gone with goat
by: Anonymous

from a person that has goat the best cure for it is to drink lots of BLACK CHERRY what rec. is to go to a health food store and get it in a concentrate form and mix it yourself.drink about a gallon a day to the pain goes away then drink as a juice drink a couple glasses a day from then on at least a gallon or so a week as a prev. measure should work just fine and its good for you

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