Gout sufferer

by Rogelio Gulane
(Ilocos Norte Philippines)

I am gout sufferer for almost 12 years today i can only walk if I take painkiller all the time. Please give me your advise on how to eliminate my suffering of gout all time

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Jul 13, 2017
Help is available
by: Anonymous

It is really unfortunate that you have to live through this pain. I know of something that will definitely relieve your pain on a long term basis. It is completely safe and natural and contains over 25 years of scientific research. Your quality of life will improve and that in the end, is what we are all looking for. ☺

Apr 23, 2017
This will help
by: Sunil

Please take some tart cherry tablets. Eating cherry will also help. No tomatoes and no red meat. If you eat any of these then eat cherry tablets. Also please drink lots of water. Thats how I control my gout for 20 years.

Apr 09, 2017

by: Peter

Hi Rogelio,
The best I can suggest is speak with your local doctor, look at your diet, read as much information on this website that has gout fighting remedies and solutions.
This is not a medical advice site, but an informational site.
Personally I have changed my diet and reduced purine rich foods and beverages, drink more water and really watch what I eat.
I can feel a gout attack start to come on and can in 95% of the time, stop it before it becomes a full blown gout attack with apple cider vinegar, and water.

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