Gout What is it

Gout what is it? 

Gout is a very complex metabolic disorder that is more prevalent among men than women. Women are more likely to be afflicted by this disorder commonly after their menopausal stage. Gout is likewise regarded as the most painful form of arthritis that is caused when there is too much uric acid built up inside the body of a  person. This build-up of the uric acid can also lead to formation of a sharp uric acid crystal that deposits in the joints of the body and  can often be found in the toe of a person lodged in the synovial sack. The uric acid is a natural waste product that can be found in the body and it is generally excreted via the kidneys.

Gout what is it.

People who are more likely to have this disease are men. This disease is somehow hereditary that is why those persons who have the history of this disease in their family have the greater chance of having gout. People who are overweight also have the higher risks of acquiring gout. If the gout runs in the family, it is essential to avoid drinking too much alcohol and eating excessive seafood.

Causes of Gout

The most common cause of gout is the building up of excessive uric acid in the body due to the inability of the body to excrete constant amounts of uric acid, hence it builds up and is stored in the extremeties of the body or as kidney stones or lumps known as tophi spread about the body. The uric acid essentially comes from the breaking down of the essential substances known as purines. The purines are those substances that can be found in the tissues of the body. These substances can also be found in various foods like dried beans, peas, liver and anchovies. The uric acid in the body is normally dissolved in the blood. It essentially passes out of the body through the urine. However, there is also a possibility that the uric acid can build up in the blood, especially when the human body is producing an excessive or increased amount of uric acid. This is one of the reasons why the kidney cannot get rid of the uric acid in the body and retains it instead. Many foods rich in purines also cause this complex disorder.

Gout what is it?

The Signs and Symptoms of Gout

The symptoms and signs of gout or a pending attack just come unexpectedly. It is of note that most patients experience this complex disorder during night time. Generally when I feel a gout attack coming, it feels like a throbbing in my big toe, or a weird tingling sensation in the foot area. Once you have had a few attacks you will know what sensations you feel in the feet or back that will lead to an attack.

Joint Pains. One of the most common signs that a person is suffering from gout is when he experiences a severe pain on his joints, including the ankles, wrists, feet, knee, elbows and hands. The part most commonly affected when gout strikes is the big toe of a person. The persons who suffer from this disorder commonly feel warm on the area , with red swelling and severe pain when touched by the slightest weight.

Inflammation. The persons who are suffering from this disease often experience swollen joints and redness. The parts of the body that have been affected are usually red in color or the mix of purple and red. This is caused by the body’s immune system attacking the invading uric acid crystals with white blood cells.

High fever. One of the symptoms of this complex disorder is high fever. Most patients suffer from elevated  body temperature. Yet again caused by the immune system, fending off the intruder.


To learn about your gout, please look through this site and you will find many gout remedies, and gouty information.

You can learn how to control gout, but it takes time and effort from your side to do this.

Gout What is it?

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