Gypsy Gout

by Drew mola
(Tewinga NSW Australia)

Gypsy Gout? My gout is a travelling gout it jumps from foot to foot, from toe to heel. It gets under my foot in the area of my big toe joint and the heel of my big toe also it loves climbing up my ligaments and tendons. I love my beer and seafood (fool) but life is short and i hate bland food.
Apple cider vinegar withe mum is my saviour and i cant live without it. Granny put me onto it many years ago, not only for gout which she suffered also but for cleaning stains, animal health, high blod pressure and her list for ACV cure all goes on.
For me its been a cure from the spirit world and Granny's.
The taste gets easier on the pallet as time drifts by, but the help of honey is a sweet way to go.
Im not into long term drug taking so this remedy has been a blessing from mother nature herself.
Enjoy life and take your ACV.

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Oct 16, 2018
Replying to Peter
by: Drew

Hi Peter,
I really havent reduced my intake of foods such as prawns red meat etc as i never really over indulged on these foods. My love of an arvo drink has not wained. I do a lot more exercise, drink a lot more water and eat cherrys and pineapple and have reduced my medication. I have regular medical check ups as to my liver and kidneys and actually my whole body. I sm also concerned of the side effects of medications not just gout meds.
I have a very good diet actually as my wife is vegetarian so i only let loose on the high purine foods on special occasions.
I have a few elderly friends who swear by there meds and they are all in there 80s and reckon drugs are a blessing.
Iam always on the lookout for the natural cures but unfortunately these have not worked for me. If i was to live on a non purine diet altogether then i would be suffering more than side effects of the drugs.
Thanks for the reply and I wish you a happy gout free life.

Oct 16, 2018
Long time for Crystals to leave the body
by: Peter

Hi Drew,

Did you actually change your diet, such as no prawns, reduce red meat, reduce any food with purines in it including Beer and spirits.

I was told to go on medication for the rest of my life, yet when we looked at the side effects of the medicine, it wasnt worth taking the medicine. Do you want liver damage, reduced bone density, and a dozen other issues pending the medicine you are taking. When with a gradual change in your diet, can reduce your gout attacks.

Anyway I preferred a diet change to the dangers of medical side effects that weigh up far more issues in the long term and far worse for your health than gout.

Oct 03, 2018
Update 3 years on
by: Drew

Hi, I thought it time to update my gout and its control.
6 years and so many episodes Of hideous pain I went to the doctor and was prescribed Allopurinol 300mg, no change for a year, prescribed Colgout ( colchicine) during or when oncoming attack was imminent, seemed to help. Increased Allopurinal to 600mg for 6 months attacks became less frequent. Ok 3 years on I reduced my Allopurinal back to 300mg, when i feel a tingle which is not that often i take 2 colchicine tablets and 1 an hour later, it works no pain.
In summary I believe i had to go 3 years for crystals to leave all my joints, im talking wrists, knees, ankle and toes. Istill get a tingle every now and then but im very consistant with taking my 300mg Allopurinol a day. Please note cherrys, AVC pineapple tumeric and all the natural remedies which i did for months did not work. I never leave home without my lengout just in case of an attack.
P.S Im a great eater of seafood red meat and every other foods not suppose to be eaten. 1 life and im goin to enjoy it whilst i can.
My belief even when your medicating yourself that your body needs to rid itself of the crystals. Dont stop your meds persist and you will be free. It could take a year or 3.
To all sufferers i wish you the best of health and no PAIN.

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