How Apple Cider Vinegar helps Gout

by Frank
(Gold Coast, Queensland)

We need to use natural organic ACV that has Mother in it as this is not pasteurized ACV. This version of ACV contains acetic acid, some lactic acid and malic acids.

The crucial part of taking Apple Cider Vinegar for relieving gout is the critical acid balance within the body.
We need to look at the alkaline levels in our blood. After we have eaten a meal,we need to know that during digestion either an acid or alkaline base will flow into the blood system.
We believe that a diet high in acid producing foods may well lead to a higher chance of Gout attacks. Excessive acidity in the body can also lead to lack of energy, headaches, sore throats,arthritis and other infections. ACV helps relieve these symptoms by reducing the acid levels by having an alkalizing effect on the body.
Our normal pH levels should be around 7.35 to 7.45. An alkaline friendly diet should help balance the acidity and also help reduce health issues. If our normal pH levels are raised then chronic diseases have a greater chance of forming.
A word of advice though, if considering taking ACV you must consult a doctor first.
People with pre existing heart disease, or on medications that may affect the potassium levels in the body be careful.
An alkaline diet is a friendly diet, as it includes fresh vegetables, nuts and legumes. There are also Alkaline water filters that are worth looking at.

The facts are simple:

Using Apple Cider Vinegar in your diet will help restore alkaline acid levels in your blood and system.
This is critical if you have acid level issues which many of us do as our diets generally include salt,dairy products,sugar,poultry,shellfish and grains.

It cannot hurt to try.
You never know, it worked for me it may work for you.
Just watch out for the side effects of taking ACV such as enamel damage on your teeth and burning your throat. Google side effects to be aware. Wash your teeth after taking ACV and you will be fine.

Good luck and keep on writing to this website, it seems to be a good place to come if you are a gout sufferer.

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Jul 07, 2010
ACV and Gout
by: Susan

Thanks Frank, this advice for Apple cider and Vinegar to fight my husbands gout is great.
I look forward to trying it out and will let everyone know how I go.

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