I have had gout since I was 17

by Jason Vance
(Navarre Florida)

Sure, it all started on vacation where I had been drinking all week so I really thought I broke my toe in a drunken stouper. Turned out I walked around for three days in Mexico on my foot that I thought was broke. I received medicine when I got home I went straight to the doctor. They all said I was the youngest person they have ever seen with gout.

Being so young I really didn't know about gout except that I took some medicine and it went away for about a year. It came back several times that year, but I still did nothing to take care of my self or help gout go away except take medicine when my toe started to hurt. By my early 20s I was getting gout about 4 to 5 times a year, and just always expected it to be a little distraction for the rest of my life, I say little but we all know how bad it hurts.

In my early 20s I was prescribed all the medicene that most of us has take, allipurnial, cholicatine, indocin, and even arthrotec. Of all of these Athrotec worked the best but caused severe stomach problems and was really expensive.

When I turned 30 I asked my doctor for a referal to a rhumetoligest. He agreed because my attacks where up to 1 a month. It had moved from my big toe, to my other big toe, to my achilles on my left heel, to my achilles on my right heel. Then the worst pain of all, I got it in my knee. I went to the emergency they said I needed an xray and diagnosed me with a lose/torn minuscus. I told them I thought it was gout explained my history of it and this is still what they told me. I could not bend my knee, but they had different ideas, they put my in straight leg brace(with a lot of screaming and crying) and sent me home to come back on monday to see an orthipedic surgen. He knew immediately what was going on and drained my knee right then. Then it went to my other knee, now to my shoulders and just the last month I have been having back pain and I think it is gout.

I have taken every medicine and still all this. It puts my family through though times because a real job is out of the question. My wife is a trooper because her grandmother had gout so she has seen me on the floor crying in pain and she knows that it is for real. I do need help but. I have seen three different rhuimoltigst and nothing has changed.

Sorry for all the mistyped words, but I am laying down with my left toe hurting, my right knee and my lower back is killing me, so I am on my blackberry.

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Dec 22, 2018
Gout treatment ideas
by: Dan Verarde

Diet is key! If you must eat meat, eat lean meat. While you are treating the gout, stay away from meats, seafood, and mushrooms. Find your triggers, usually high purines is the trigger. You also need to stay on top of your uric acid levels. That is very important, that will tell your doctor what dose of allopurinol to give you. I have had gout for going on 21 years now. Trust me, it can be a nasty process and you will have storms before the calm but it is completely manageable.

Apr 05, 2013
Me too!
by: Ian

I have also had gout since I was 17. I am now 32 and am currently haveing an attack. It is horrible so I know how you feel!

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