Middle Aged Gout Attacks - October 2014

by DWH

I am a 45 year old male, 6ft and 192 labs. I have been athletic all my life and mostly fit and active. I have had digestive issues all my life and try many herbal supplements to control my body along with tying to eat healthy and remaining active 3 times a week.
I noticed around 6 months ago the main tendon on my left big toe was extremely sore and felt "on fire". I thought it was due to working out. Some times it would subside and a lot of the time it was sore. I then noticed my Achilles tendon would be tight, my heels and it would go away.

I since started traveling extensively for work which meant less exercise, less good eating and more alcohol consumption than normal. Previously I would only enjoy some beer and wine on the weekends. Occasionally I would have a some beer on Wednesday's after hockey.

The minor pain and area's continued for some time until a few weeks ago I noticed my feet in general were always sore. Again, I thought from some extra weight and working out. While traveling this past week both feet were very sore and the tendons in my feet were on fire. My right knee where I had my ACL replaced a couple years ago was swollen and sore. My shins were a little sore but I could barely handle the pain.

When I got home from traveling in severe pain, my wife found this web site. All of the symptoms added up. I traced my eating habits and I have lately overloaded on seafood, I was drinking my favorite beer this week(Guinness which contributes to Gout) wine, some vodka. I tried eating no red meat but loading up on fish seemed to offset the lack of red meat.

Day of ACV Treatment - The first day (Thursday night) I tried ACV was non organic and took a couple Advil. The pain eased somewhat but I still felt it.

Day 2 - Friday I woke up to reduced pain and swelling. Throughout the day, the pain remained the same but reduced mainly to my right foot. The main tendon leading to my big toe was on fire. I have noticed pain in my left shin also. At night I had 2 glasses of wine and a vegetarian Indian meal.3 doses of ACV. My feet felt improved going to bed.

Day 3 - Saturday, I woke up with very little pain and swelling. The bottom of my feet were tingling and sore but bearable. The redness left. My right foot tendon is still sore when I flex my foot but bearable. My left shin is stilt sore but bearable. I am going to work out today and see how that goes. I do feel an improvement and am hesitant to confirm this all works but I think what this will mean is a lifestyle change in food intake and limiting of alcohol and using this remedy daily while experiencing pain.

I will add to this post as I continue the remedy.

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Oct 28, 2014
Careful OF YOUR teeth
by: Peter

We appreciate your story.
I strongly suggest seeing a doctor and getting a uric acid test to see how your acid levels are.
Also please clean your teeth after each ACV intake as the acid will ruin your enamel on your teeth over time.
I would also be careful having too much ACV over a week as this can cause forms of stomach disorders.

I am glad your wife found this site.
It would be beneficial when you have the pain or tingling, to not have any alcohol at all, and no seafood like prawns or shrimp.
Drink lots of water to help flush your system out and this will help reduce the gout.
Please update us all with your gout fighting procedures.

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