This is just the explanation and reassurance that we need, at the moment. My husband has suffered from gout over the last 12 years and has been on progout and indocid as well as colchocine at some stage to combat it. Of course he hasn't been overly careful with his diet and usually when he has an attack he can quickly nail it down to a particular food or meal that he has indulged in. He has had it in his knee, ankle, elbow, big toe..the list goes on. He even had an arthroscope two years ago for cartlidge damage in which they found crystalised gout growing on the tendons which they scraped off! Often when he begins to experience a bout he says I must have banged my arm or twisted my ankle but most times it ends up as gout. This all leads us to our current situation...he was put into hospital last friday with chest pains and now awaits a quadruple bypass tomorrow at the tender age of 47. As you can imagine he has been on a strictly controlled diet for the last week and has been very conscious of any foods connected with a gouty episode...and what do you know, once again our old enemy has turned up first in his elbow(I must have banged it in the night!) and now in his foot.very bad timing indeed!also upsetting when he has been so 'stressed' about the ensuing surgery and further 'stressed' about what he could possibly have eaten to trigger it! Finding this article has been a godsend as it has given an answer to this current problem and will now reduce one area of unneeded stress with an answer. Now on reflection we can think about many gouty episodes which have been around'stressful' times in our thankyou!!

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Sep 08, 2011
God will not....
by: Anonymous

Hope your husband will be better soon.

STRESS is a catalyst to get gout attacks... managing stress is rule number one... hope you already know and assist as best as you possibly can...

YES, I know it is not easy... but as they say.. where there is a will there is a way.

God will not send anything to any one unless God know he/she can handle it.

I have suffered with gout many times since 1987.. and I am just getting over the last one that started July 11-2011...

I do not take NO MEDICATIONs... all medications lead to other disastrous health problems...

I would not be surprised if your husband heart has a lot to do with the medications that he took for so long....

Anyway... part of my story and suggestion.

I was given few years to live... after 14 years I can assure you I am alive an dwell 99% of the times except when I do not pay attention of my healthy lifestyle (more of my self here: )


If you care for your husband to live a normal life again, Find out what REALLY going on with your husband health... GET OUT OF THE HOSPITAL and find a trusted Naturopathic Doctor ( and get a second opinion) who can assess what is going on in your husband health... then follow his directions...

Good luck,
Pray to God
Be Vegan
and live the rest to God....

Sep 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to hear about your husband's long gout road, ensuing cardiac surgery. It's all very scary. Not much I can tell you right now. You have to listen to the cardiologists and surgeons.

Stress is a huge factor. Exercise helps release a lot of stress and helps to manage my gout along with watching what I eat, and drinking 2 liters of water/day.

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