MR Tony Phylactou

by Tony Phylactou
(Limassol Cyprus)

I have had gout for years, and tried just about everything without success.I reduced meat to, minimum once a week, stopped alcohol altogether.I was having LOTS of fruit and vegetables and my gout was worsening.Finally I have read something about Excessive fructose increasing uric acid.I experimented reducing my fruit intake to 2 a day, and bingo within days I saw a dramatic improvement

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May 29, 2011
Gout cure solution at last
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comments
I have tried ACV which did nothing for me.I tried drinking lots of water again no effect.Tried baking soda, water fasting, juice fasting again nothimg happened.Finally stopped eating fruit and
sugars for a period of 3 weeks and I saw a great improvement,allmost 99 %.Now I am eating fruit in moderation, one or two a day and I am allmost completely gout free.
I have dad gout for over 10 years and I must admitt I was eating fruit in excess sometimes 10 or more portions a day.
Good luck with your efforts

May 29, 2011
MR Tony Phylactou
by: Terri

Hi Tony, That's interesting! It goes to show you that we are all different, and what works for one may not work for the other. Most importantly, is getting the gout under control. Did you try the apple cider vinegar cocktail before? Just curious.

I saw a dietitian who put me on a 1600 cal diet. Part of the healthy diet is 1/2 cup of fruit per meal (breakfast, lunch & dinner).

What I forgot and many people forget is what a "true portion size" is for our food--meat/nuts/milk & milk products, starches, vegetables, fruits, and fats/oils. I think this leads to a lot of health issues as well as eating "processed foods" and "fried" foods. I did not know before being diagnosed with gout and educating myself on it that fried foods are not only fattening but they lead to uric acid.

I think if the public was educated on "WHY" THESE FOODS ARE NOT GOOD FOR US--NOT JUST OBESITY BUT FOR THIS HORRID DISEASE--MAYBE IT WOULD HELP? It sometimes takes this gout to WAKE PEOPLE better nutrition, sadly!

I'm glad you're doing better. I've only had gout since January...most painful thing in the world. I am trying to not be a "statistic" of having another gout attack within 6 months. It is hard to be 100% perfect, but I'm working on bettering myself with the use of the ACV, dieting, & exercising. I bought a juicer and I'm having smoothies, which are satisfying. My downfall is that I like food--that's my vice--I don't drink alcohol or smoke. Slowly I am changing my lifestyle--dieting (trying to eat only the good things and in proportion), drinking 2 liters of water/day without fail, exercising (I really hate to exercise but I've been doing it every other day for 3 weeks now, and walking (trying to get back into it more--20/min/day is my goal). It's not easy--using ice/heat therapy for body aches from the exercising when necessary--working full time and trying to maintain my health best I can.

Good luck to you and thank you for the information.


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