My Gout Story

by V.M.Smith
(South Staffs)

15 years ago I had keyhole surgery for a longstanding gallstone problem. 12 months later I developed gout in my right big toe.My GP advised a double dose of diclofenic for 3 days, surprise surprise the pain went! 2 years later I suddenly had dreadful pain in my right hip and was unable to walk. Again he prescribed diclofenic for 3 days only as before, the pain went and I was able to walk but had dreadful tummy pains.By the way he said it was osteoarthritis and to come back in 10 years for a hip replacement! 6 years ago I had a weak feeling in my left knee and my leg gave way and I felt a crack in my left shin bone.A new GP gave me morphine for the pain and a gel to rub on my leg but it took 5 months before I could walk properly again without pain.None suggested an X-ray so nobody knew what had caused the problem. 2 years later I developed what the GP thought was tendonitis in the right ankle,I had physiotherapy and saw a consultant who thought it was Rheumatoid arthritis! I even had a hard bony lump on the back of my heel which has since prevented me from wearing proper shoes, only mules. This took about 18 months to clear up with only Iboprufen. 18 months ago I developed a severe pain in my right hand and swelling, the consultant at A & E suspected RA again,he sought a second opinion who advised a blood test for RA! I was referred to the rheumatologist at my local hospital who said I was on the borderline for RA and to come back in 10 years! That time it cleared up in 3/4 weeks. A month later in February 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer for which I had a mastectomy and was fine until I started to take the cancer drugs to prevent it recurring. I had been told they may cause some joint pain but the pain I had was unbearable. It always started at 9pm and carried on through the night. The surgeon changed my drugs and I was ok for 2 months then it started with the new drug! Eventually in November I was put on a drug 'Letrozole; which I understand can cause osteoporosis and have just had a bone density scan. However in December, my GP who is Burmese and believes in herbal medicine as well as conventional decided enough was enough and ordered a blood test for GOUT! Surprise,surprise, it came back positive and quite a high reading. He gave me colchicine which has helped as I have had the pain in my hands and wrists for 4 months now but I am now taking Apple Cider Vinegar and Black Cherry Concentrate which in only a week has been great! If only I had been told of your website all those years ago I could have been spared all those years of suffering. I have changed my lifestyle somewhat, no red meat and avoiding becoming dehydrated which was something that often happened. I can't thank you enough as I thought I was in for RA which my daughter has and I expected to be hobbling around before much longer. Thank you again for all your wonderful advice, I just cant understand why the GPs don't recognise it much sooner.

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