My new gout regimen

by Nick
(Portland OR)

I'd been a beer drinker most of my life, putting on a few extra pounds, but I played a lot of sport, which helped me in many ways. I've already rid myself of 21 lbs., and need to drop another 7-10 lbs. so I stopped drinking beer (in fact, all alcohol) a little over one month ago.

Last May, a blood test showed that my UA was a little high at 8.5. Limit is 8, but it's best to reduce it to around 6 or even a little under.
A follow up put my UA at 7.3, but I intend to reduce it further.
When it was 8.5, my doctor told me I was at risk for gout. Six days later, I felt slight pain in my left big toe.
The next day, I started to drink 100% lemon juice with water, which, over the next six months completely eliminated the kidney stones I had had for the past 10-12 years. They were always small and I always passed them without difficulty, but I was still glad to see them go. Who knows what other "cures" are in the works!
I've had a few gout twinges over the months, but nothing to speak of and certainly not painful, and it hasn't stopped me from going on long, very brisk walks almost every day. The only thing that keeps me inside is rain.
Then I read about ACV and have started a daily regimen of one glass of 100% lemon juice w/water (morning), and one glass of ACV w/water (evening), usually about 1-2 tbsp. each, and my new routine seems to work for me.
Didn't like the taste at first of both drinks, so I used to add a little honey, but now I drink both w/water only.
Both recipes are cheap and are easy to acquire. Don't know whether they work for everyone, but they certainly work for me, so, thanks, guys, for sharing your experiences and experiments!
My last blood test, which covered around 30 items, was near perfect. I am now 81.
I, too, have read a little history of lemon juice and ACV, and it appears they've been accepted for some time. And even if they don't work for some, they shouldn't do you any harm and might just do you some good.

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