wish i knew what i have!.,.,i,ve had a sciatica nerve problem for 8weeks and now have tingling sensations which is better than the pain that went with it.,,..,now i ,m not sure about this gout thing?,..,i have a pain in my big toe with tingling.,.,it,s as if i stumped my toe and it,s red at the nail base which has spread to the leghth of my toe.,,..,is this gout or a stumped toe. i know i did knock my toe days ago but this only started last night,.,.,strange how all these gout symptoms are the same as a sciatica pain.,.,.,how do i know which is which without going to a doctor.,,..,my chiro said it was sciatica 8 weeks ago and i have been tendering to it myself which has improved.,.,,..,sooo, now i have this toe thing,.,., i have used medication on it,.,.,.,.,thanks .,,.,.


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Aug 20, 2011
My Story.........
by: Terri

Sciatic pain begins in the buttock (mid cheek). It can be relieved by a partner or massage therapist pushing their elbow into the fatty middle part up and down on the muscle. It's caused by the muscles being overly tight and pushing on the sciatic nerve. The big toe is not related to it (from my knowledge of the body). I'm a massage therapist. I have gout also. I've had sciatic pain too. Gout pain is nowhere as bad as sciatic pain and it's in the joints (gout). Sciatic pain can start in the buttocks and travel down the leg and be painful and uncomfortable so you can't rest no matter what position you are in. Gout--read all about it here on Peter's website and you will know. More than doctor's too! I've heard horror stories where the doctors have no clue...scary stuff. I diagnosed my gout myself and then went to the dr. Indocin and tramadol help the pain/swelling. I take Bragg apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons with 8 oz water every morning when I wake up. I drink half my weight in ounces of water -- daily.

Good luck to you. take care.

Aug 18, 2011
get a uric acid blood test
by: Anonymous

I'd suggest that you go to a Dr and get a uric acid blood test. Normal range is up to 8.5, but if you are a gout sufferer, then any reading over 6 could be problematic for your gout.

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