by ann

I fell down my stairs and felt I broke my foot and big toe,but every doctor I went too said it was a turf like injury,then told me to get special shape up shoes which caused me to get a bunion on the outside of my foot near little toe cause my body was trying to shift my weight to the outside of my foot,total bummer cause I never had a bunion,but that's the least of my problem,my foot was all mangled looking and hurt terribly but like a good little patient I did what the doctors said,then my foot felt it was on fire,swollen and yet every time I went to a new doctor they would move it around,be rough,x-ray it and say its nothing then the 4th Doc said its big toe arthritis,never mentioning I could have GOUT or I should beware of it,even know I am in pr-menopausal,I have a thyroid disorder autoimmune disease,arthritis,and was on a gluten free high protein diet and was taking aspirin x2 a day doc's order,he never mentioned GOUT,meanwhile my toes would feel like they were on fire ,I could barley walk,I also noticed every time I had a X-RAY it seemed to be more painful and burn.(HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED A CORRELATION BETWEEN X-RAY'S AND GOUT FLARE UPS?) I could not figure it out,my swollen foot started to have a slight raised rash,it looked a little like poison ivy ,but felt like an exposed nerve,it was so painful ,then I thought to Google big toe arthritis,that linked me to all the GOUT info,sure enough,all the info and photos looked exactly what was going on with me,thanks so much for this forum!(Is it OK take Advil?)(Is it OK to eat almonds?Coconut?mushrooms,spinach,tomatoes,pistachios?)(Is Gout a lifetime disease,like a autoimmune disorder?)(Is their a link to Gout and your blood type or nationality? )Do I wait for a flare up to be officially diagnosed,or would it show up with a blood test,I have photos of my Gout foot and my other foot to show the Doc ,but should I go into the doctors no matter what or wait until its flared up? THANKS FOR ANY INFO! BLESSINGS! .

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