Never mind the cure. What's the cause?

by Mac
(London, UK)

What is that that they say? An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, or something like that.

Anyway, I've been searching for the cause of gout for at least 10 or more years. As most of you fellow suffers have probably been told by the medical profession, its an excess of uric acid coursing through your veins and crystallizing in the joints of your lower limbs. Which seems to contradict the fact that some suffer from gout up in their ear lobes!

Have I found the cause? Not yet. But, I'm of the opinion that it's probably a pathogen. One or more of the species of Mycoplasma, which utilises uric acid as a form of nourishment to propagate and aggravate / attack the joints.

So, if uric acid is the direct or indirect cause of our condition how does one control uric acid production? Well, as I understand it, the kidneys are dysfunctional to some degree which requires a strict diet and or drugs (for life) to control the condition. But I'm not convinced that is the only answer.

I've now got to the point for the reason I have written here.
It's to provide a link to youtube that may provide part of the answer to my search. For those of you that do watch it, it's quiet technical about 1.5 hours long although you don't need to watch it all, please pay attention to about 55 minutes and onwards. I'd also like to say I use medication to control hypertension. Please bear that in mind when you watch as it's relevant.

Its here:

May life treat you kind.

P.S. Will I give Apple cider vinegar a try? Certainly, at the onset of the next bout.

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Sep 20, 2012
Further Research into Gout
by: Rosemary Laidlaw

I am currently in th middle of more research into Gout and it would appear that sugar levels which cause Insulin resistance and eventually Diabetes in many affects uric acid levels and blood pressure alarmingly.
Liver function is all important and people with fatty livers through large consumptions of carbohydrates learn to produce too much insulin. (ME)
As soon as I go on a low glycemic diet I get Gout so have to create a balance It is known in medical circles that too speedy weight loss causes high levels of uric acid in the body.
What is interesting is that it is insulin NOT sugars that cause damage to the body such as inflamation, neuropathy, heart disease, blindness etc and not the sugar itself. This then begs the question: If one produces too much insulin when one suffers from Insulin Resistance (Syndrome X) then Diabetes, adding more insulin via medication is not the answer.
The more I look into this "gout" problem the more sugars come into play. It is worth fellow gout suffers reading Patrick Holfords book "Reversing Diabetes" It may not refer to Gout directly but the connection between the two will become clear.
Just spend sometime too on the web of online grocery stores reading labels and it does not take long to see why the world has a major diabetes problem. It shook me to the core.
Without saying this too loudly I have not had a gout attack since cutting red meat out of my diet and adjusting the low glycemic diet to suit my uric acid elimination problem. So far so good but not cracked it properly yet.

Sep 14, 2012
Mac London
by: Anonymous

YouTube video is no longer available.

Oct 28, 2010
Root Cause
by: Rosemary

I have spent years trying to find the connection that causes Gout and at last it seems to be coming clear. I have had Insulin Resistance for years plus high BP where the Doctor's wanted to pile on more tablets that just made me ill.

Looking at the latest report METABOLIC SYNDROME appears to hold the key. I tick every one of the boxes. High BP, Gout and Insulin Resistance.

I am recovering from a seriously bad fall which bought my usual Gout on in my left big toe under the plaster then full blown in the right foot two days later. The copius release of cortisol through stress/pain I feel sure was the trigger.

I think it is worth all gout sufferers to have a blood test to measure the uric acid levels to rule out Metabolic Syndrome if nothing else.

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